Man shot and killed a puppy

Someone shot puppy in the face and it was caught on surveillance video

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In Kansas City, Missouri, someone shot and killed a puppy on Tuesday – and the shooting was caught on surveillance video. According to CW 39 News, the puppy was one of two pups who belong to Michael Jackson, who was away from home at the time.

The crime

When Jackson returned home, he found one of his puppies dead in the driveway – he thought that the puppy may have been hit by a car, but a neighbor told him that someone had shot the pup.

Jackson described the cruel incident, “He just shot one of them in the face, looked at them and then he just took off.” Surveillance video shows the man calmly walking away after killing the puppy, who can be seen running up to the stranger just before the fatal shot was fired.


An investigation?

According to the news agency, Jackson never reported the crime to the authorities, so nothing is being investigated. Jackson has indicated that he will keep a closer eye on his dogs in the future.

(Images screenshot via CW39)

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  1. Linda Lopez says:

    You have to report this cruelty please do. Don’t let the guy who done this get away with it. And don’t leave your dogs outside when you are gone unless it’s for a little while like 30 minutes

  2. PAMELA D says:

    Why was the puppy loose? The first reaction from a moron when a dog runs up to them is they fear for their life, and then again look at the area. If the POS had any sense he would know the puppy wouldn’t do any harm but this is an excuse to hurt animals. Hopefully the useless low life scum who probably doesn’t have a job and one of my favorite puke heads welfare addict get shot in the face asap.


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