Sick dog thrown away like trash

She was sick and someone threw her into a dumpster like garbage

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When Hopi, a five-year-old pit bull mix was sick and in need of help, someone threw her into a Mansfield, Ohio, dumpster like garbage. Fortunately the abandoned dog was discovered and today, she is receiving the care that she so badly needs.

After being rescued, the ailing dog was taken in by the Humane Society of Richland County. The animal welfare agency introduced Facebook followers to Hopi on December 12:

This sweet, sweet lady was found in a dumpster on West Dickson. She will be seeing the vet ASAP and we have already started making her more comfortable. If anyone knows anything about who owned her, please contact us.
She was named Hopi-Dopi by the good samaritan’s daughter.

Update on Hopi

On Thursday, the shelter updated Facebook followers about the abandoned dog’s condition:

Hopi went to the vet. She has a skin infection, double ear infection, intestinal parasites and obviously the mammary tumor.
She is on antibiotics and will receive medicated baths twice a week. She also got a treatment for her ears and a cortisone shot. She will be spayed and have her tumor removed and biopsied in a couple of weeks.
She is finally not scratching herself, has eaten and is melting into a cozy puddle.


Long-term neglect has left Hopi with multiple maladies which need to be remedied. If you would like to help cover her veterinary costs you can make a donation here.


Obviously, throwing a dog away like garbage is not legal. Humane agent Missy Houghton told NBC 4 News, “If we find the person who neglected to get her any treatment, it’s very possible that they could face second degree misdemeanor charges.”

(Image via Facebook)

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4 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Thanks for rescuing this beautiful girl from the dumpster. Hope there is someway to find the owner of this baby and prosecute them.What vile monsters did this to her and why not take her to the shelter and dump her there and not a dumpster? These creatins show not be allowed to be alive after this.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    I have been really down on Ohio and Reading this post GAVE ME HOPE that things are turning around about JUST MAYBE there is STARTING to be a Change in PEOPLE CARING a LITTLE BIT MORE>>> THANK YOU for CARING… MAY it CONTINUE

  3. Larry says:

    Here is part of the problem – a misdemeanor? It should definitely be a felony with significant jail time (years) for those convicted. Until legislators begin to take animal abuse seriously and provide for punishments that actually fit the crime these kinds of incidents will continue.


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