Dogs thrown from vehicle in Ithaca: Beagle will lose his leg

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In a very disturbing animal cruelty report, two dogs were thrown from a dark blue vehicle on Interstate 81 near Ithaca. One of the beagles will lose his leg – he suffered the worst injuries.

According to the Broome County Humane Society,  on Wednesday a tractor-trailer driver stopped to help the beagles after witnessing the dogs thrown from  the rear of a dark blue Dodge Durango. He was not able to copy the license plate number. The truck driver wrapped the six-year-old badly injured dog in his sweatshirt and waited for authorities to arrive.

“Our hearts are breaking right now. These sweet dogs were allegedly thrown from a vehicle on Route 81 North.

One is severely injured and in route for emergency veterinary care. The other appears to be in good condition but will get checked out to be sure!,” posted the organization on their social media page. “Thank you to ‘Adam’ who witnessed this event and stopped to go to the aid of these sweet dogs. Additionally we are grateful to the NYS Police Officers who arrived on scene and administered care to these dogs until we arrived.”

The dogs have been named Trooper and Adam; in honor of those who helped them. The beagle, named Trooper is currently being treated at the Colonial Animal Hospital.

“This poor dog! As of right now we know that “Trooper” has a compound fracture of his distal radius and ulna on one front leg and a hairline fracture of the ulna on the other front leg. He has lung contusions and broken ribs and he has a contusion on his shoulder that is into the joint. X-rays are being sent to an Orthopedic Specialist for further evaluation. He is being provided with medication to keep him comfortable as his condition is being assessed. Send positive positive thoughts for this poor fella!!!!”

Donations are welcome in order to help with medical expenses for these sweet dogs or DOUBLE YOUR DONATION by donating through the Staffworks Save a Life Campain at…/.

As of the latest update, Trooper’s surgery went well, and he is slowly recovering.

Please contact the New York State Police if you have any information on this crime.

(Photos of dogs thrown out on highway near Ithaca via Facebook)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Thanks to the truck driver for rescuing these two innocent beagles as well as NYS police for also coming to their rescue. So glad both dogs are alive although one may loose his leg. If you don’t want your dogs anymore, take them to a shelter you vile monster. People like this need to be away from those who care about life. Hope the scum who did this is found and thrown in jail.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Beagles are one of the sweetest and most gentle breeds of dogs there are … over 25 years ago we had Bing and Bo a brother and sister … What wonderful little dogs.


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