Here they are – the couple accused of abandoning ailing dog in the cold

Dog abandoned with crate and old pillow
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Here they are – the people who are accused of abandoning their ailing dog in the cold. On Thursday, Ohio’s Willoughby police announced the arrest of the couple identified as the dog’s owners. The accused are Alvaro Torres, 39, and Heather Pica Torres, 36.

Owners of abandoned and neglected dog arrested

The cruelty case

The dog at the heart of the animal cruelty case is Lucy – a bulldog who was found abandoned with an old pillow and a crate in the area of St. Clair Extension, east of Erie Road. The abandoned dog showed obvious signs of neglect and was transported to the Lake County Dog Shelter for care. Lucy had a huge tumor on her face/neck which had to be surgically removed this week – she made it through the procedure and is being monitored.

The charges

The people identified as Lucy’s owners are facing a charge for cruelty to companion animals a felony of the fifth degree; and unlicensed dog, a minor misdemeanor.

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  1. Hope these jerks(really dirty words are whàt im thinking)get what they deserve threefold. The cruelty and meanness in people is becoming more and more common. .is there any humanity left in humans.

  2. Oh there are a couple alright – a couple of pieces of maggot shit. Put them in the cage and abandon them somewhere. Let them feed off of each other. Castrate him and sterilize her so they can breed anymore of their own ilk.

  3. Well this looks like Elvira of the Munster’s and Gomez!!!! These ” Perfect A-Holes” need to spend Time in Jail with devoted Animal Lover’s and let the other inmates provide them both with entertainment fitting for Animal Abuser’s !!! The deserve whatever happens to them…

  4. Take the WORTHLESS POS SUB HUMAN DEMONS out back and SHOOT them!!??
    Facebook page has been made, hearing 12/20
    and she is a white BOXER, I know because I have one , ANNIBELL ? & I LOVE HER??

  5. I hope Lucy is doing better after her surgery! Thank u 4 taking care of her! And when she’s better I pray she’ll find a great 4ever home!! I hope the couple truly gets prosecuted!!


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