Reward offered in horse slashing crimes

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Someone has been slashing horses at the Big Pine Saddle Club in Inyo County, California, and a large reward is being offered for information leading to that person’s arrest. The horrific crime spree began in the early morning hours on July 2.

Saddle Club Recounts The Crime

The Big Pine Saddle Club recounted what took place:

July 2, 2018 was a sad day for many of our members at the Big Pine Saddle Club.  Around 1:30am the Fire Department was called to our Club for a car fire.  One of our members vehicle was set on fire.  After further investigation they found numerous horses who had been injured and sheds that had been vandalized.  There were 7 horses who had a knife taken to their necks and cut open, 4 of them required stitches to their wounds.

The Crime Spree Continues

The horror has not ended – on July 8, Facebook user Lea Belgarde made a public post about another horse who was victimized by the slasher. Multiple photos of the injured horse were posted to Facebook – Belgarde’s post reads:

This is how my son’s horse was found this afternoon. Horse is located on Pa Ha Lane and Diaz lane in a pasture. He was fine this morning and around 1:30 pm today he was found like this. I don’t know what to think with all this animal slashing going on in our area. Jack is a very friendly horse who will greet people at the fence looking for hello’s and snacks, also our fencing is slick wire and is a clean field with no sharp object in it. If anyone saw anyone around this location around 12-1pm today Please let me know or call the Inyo County sheriffs department.

The Injured Horses

Amazingly, despite the severity of the injuries, the horses targeted by the knife-wielding individual are expected to recover, even the most recent victim. Belgarde stated:

Update 7\9\18. – Jackie Chan the horse is going to be ok. A large artery was cut at the base of his ear. The horse has 15 staples and will heal. Glad it wasn’t worse. For those of you that don’t know this is the 9th horse and there is also 1 cat that has been stabbed/slashed in the last week in our area. There is also a reward being offered.

Fundraising Efforts

Click here to read more about this case and find the fundraiser which has been set up for the horses.

Inyo County Sheriff’s Office Statement

From Inyo County Sheriff’s Office

Sunday at around 1:50pm, Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a victim of an assault in Big Pine; according to the victim, the attacker referenced the Saddle Club incident as the reason for the attack.  We ask that the public keep in mind that this is an open investigation. Vigilante justice is not only unacceptable, it is a crime – and vigilante justice only hinders the investigation.
We cannot underscore enough that the best role that the public can play is as a reporter of relevant information and credible tips. The Sheriff’s Dispatch # 760-878-0383.

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9 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    If there aren’t there should be surveillance cameras installed – these horses did not deserve this blatant cruelty and I suspect people know exactly who the hunk of trash is that did this. There is someone with a vendetta against the Big Pine Saddle Club – but to take it out on innocent horses pretty much shows what a spineless coward this bastard is – Please someone step up and turn this maggot in, these horses are innocent victims of human trash who needs a dose of their own medicine.

  2. Patricia Hilton Green says:

    When found someone needs to cut their throat open and just leave them to bleed to death! My God what is this world coming to so much hate and pain for these animals.these POS’s all of them every single one of them needs to be put of there miserable life get them off this earth where humans and animals can live peacefully together….

  3. Adrienne says:

    So many people angry in this country and blame others for their bad luck only brought on by their own actions. They feel they can take their anger out on those weaker and less vulnerable than another human, that is why they go after animals who can’t talk or usually fight back. Hope this person(s) get caught and spend their life in jail.

  4. Jan Barnes says:

    First prison–next HELL! Better yet–someone should find him first and do some serious creative slashing!

  5. INYOFACE says:

    Will bet you $100 it was Illegal Mexican Aliens , They have no regard for Animal life over there , Bulllfights , Dogfights , Cock Fights . It is in there blood , in their Culture.

  6. Bev Woodburn says:

    You must catch this vile and evil animal slashing monster and slash this monster to death. This would be good riddace to a vile and evil psychopathic depraved pea size brain animal torturing monster from hell. Kill it slowly.


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