Accused shoplifter failed to tell police dog was in her car

Accused shoplifter failed to tell officers about dog in car as she was taken to jail

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An accused shoplifter who was arrested at a Walmart in Maine, failed to tell police officers about the dog who was in her car…even as she was hauled off to jail. According to Central Maine News, 37-year-old Season Bartley, from Poland, was taken to jail on Saturday night after she and her fiancé were arrested at a Walmart in Maine.

Deputy Chief Jason Moen commented on the woman’s failure to mention the fact that she was leaving a dog behind in the car which was parked at the store – he said, “She actually was taken to jail by our canine officer, so she had a dog barking in her ear for the entire ride and still didn’t think to mention it.”

The dog left behind

A small, white dog was left inside of Bartley’s parked car until someone noticed her in distress inside of the vehicle on Sunday. The good Samaritan who spotted the dog feared that the pup was already dead…by the time that the authorities arrived to the parking lot, the car’s interior had climbed to 103 degrees.

Dog taken to shelter for care

The dog was transported to the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society in Lewiston – she remained in the shelter’s care even after Bartley was released from the Androscoggin County Jail.

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15 replies
    • Bunny Peters says:

      You said it!!!!!

      I live in Northern California and would love this little treasure to be part of the family……

  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    That POS doesn’t ever need to get the dog back. She didn’t give a hoot about it! I hope she spends some time in jail over this, and has plenty of time to think about what she did!

  2. Luana Duncan says:

    WTF??? She and her boyfriend are nothing but losers!! They didn’t 4get, they just didn’t give a rats ass!! I pray the little pup will b ok!! And I hope they don’t get her back! Where is the dog now?

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    This “total loss of brain cells” disease must be contagious! We now have morons running “rampant and amok” everywhere! Prayers for the sweet
    precious little dog!

  4. Adrienne says:

    I assume the dog is alive and hopefully will be ok and adopted by a loving family. The woman and the man who was with her were obviously having some emotional/mental issues which could account for her saying nothing about her dog. Lucky that a concerned citizen saw the pup in distress and called for help.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Bartley should NEVER see this dog again – she couldn’t be bothered to let cops know this little one was in her car, and if not for a good Samaritan this dog would have died – Thank God there was someone who cared and got help for him/her. This bitch should be sent back to Poland hogtied on a leaky raft – we don’t need any outside thieves in this country, we have plenty of our own. She is a one piss poor definition of a human, a thief and an animal abuser. Hope this little guy gets a safe loving home, he sure deserves one.


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