Police K9 killed

Police K9 killed by accused carjacker

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A police K9 was killed by an accused carjacker following a high speed chase in Phoenix, Arizona. The three-year-old Belgian Malinois, Bane, was deployed after the suspect ditched a stolen car and ran into a house to hide. According to Fox News, the way that Bane was killed has not been released – he was not shot, but the suspect was found on top of the dog when the other officers approached to apprehend him.

On Thursday, the Phoenix Police Department acknowledged the death of the K9 on Facebook:

Yesterday during a critical incident police K-9 Bane was mortally wounded during the encounter. He was rushed to an area emergency veterinarian but was unable to survive his injuries.

According to the department, Bane served the Phoenix Police Department for just over a year. The department stated:

He will be missed by the department and his handler Officer Curtis Howard. We would like to thank everyone in the community for the outpouring of support and condolences.

The suspect and a female passenger were arrested – killing a police K9 is a class six felony in Arizona, punishable by a year in prison.

(Image via Facebook)

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16 replies
  1. petmom4 says:

    RIP Officer Bane. You’ve done your work here. My condolences to the department, especially his handler and family, as they grieve during their loss.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Anyone who kills a police K-9 should suffer the same consequences of killing an human officer a year is a joke! Rest in peace Bane, condolences to your handler, family and fellow officers, I know how much you will be missed. May the POS that killed Band rot in Hell!

  3. Kathy says:

    “Killing a police K9 is a class six felony in Arizona, punishable by a year in prison”…seems to me the punishment should much more, afterall it is a police officer! Killing any police official should be a felony offense because it is murder! I hope this person rots in jail for a very long time!

    • Sue says:

      More K9’s are killed by their handlers behind the scenes than by any people on the street. This is a fact. I worked in it, and then researched it to confirm that it was not just my department.

  4. Sue says:

    Well, everyone gets to hear the “tragic” stories about “beloved” K9’s being killed by those nasty criminals. The media, however, also helps the public stay comfortably in denial about the ongoing daily abuse, and even torture, that K9’s endure from their own handlers. I worked in a police department, and my bubble was burst. And, just as an example, one of our most sadistic handlers was quoted in the news, saying about his often-tortured dog, “I love him like a son.” Some dogs were killed by our lead “trainer,” and I have a copy of a necropsy report on one of our dogs who died of “severe hemorrhage into the chest” after being loaded into a crate, following a “training” session.
    Even though departments keep a very tight “code of silence” on this subject, now and again information and videos leak out. My site is http://www.stopk9torture.com, and here are a few more:

    Captain’s story – a tragic window … – Pivot Legal Society

    BBC News | UK | Police told to ‘string up’ dogs
    Police officers have been telling a court how they were instructed to string up their dogs and kick them in the stomach during training sessions.

    When the “Everybody Does It” Excuse Works: Police Dog …

    If Cops Treat Their Own Dogs Like This, It is No Wonder …

    Repression and Police Dog Abuse – Eric Squire. com
    Repression and Police Dog … Officer kills dog he was training in Garden City …

    Every once in a blue moon, someone comes forward and/or provides video evidence. But for some reason, the juries seem to have the same mindset as most of the rest of the HAPPILY BRAINWASHED public:

    Follow Up: Miami Police Officer Trial
    Sgt. Allen Cockfield, who reportedly strung his police dog Duke up by a choke chain and kicked him to death, was acquitted by a jury today. He had faced a felony charge of killing a police dog as well as an animal cruelty misdemeanor. The judge tossed out the felony charge – something to do with a failure to prove intent.

      • Sue says:

        So, Andrew is either employed in the military, or paramilitary (police, sheriffs, etc.), or related to someone who is, OR, the facts just make him uncomfortable. People need to know this, because it is the first step in stopping it.
        Civilians can be charged with felony cruelty just for trying to defend themselves against being attacked by a K9. One guy was charged just for shutting a car door before the dog could reach him. The handlers, on the other hand, can torture the dogs in any way they want. And quite a few K9’s have died violent deaths at the hands of their handlers and “trainers.” One of ours died of a ruptured spleen after being swung around in the air (called helicoptering), slammed to the ground, and kicked in the stomach. Another died of severe hemorrhage in the chest after a “training” session where he was hanged to unconsciousness and kicked. And so on…

      • Andrew says:

        Sue you’re off the beaten path. LOL. Never have been in the military, law enforcement nor am I related to anyone that is. Nice try though to judge someone incorrectly because of my comment. Again blah, blah blah!

      • Sue says:

        So, with the claim of alleged no vested interest, in relation to attacking the shared information, one is left to puzzle over why you have such a knee-jerk reaction, and the desire to deride and ridicule it, since it is pertinent, and documented.

    • andrew says:

      Sue get a grip and stop trolling. Start a blog if you are THAT CONCERNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of your links show very few of K 9’s being abused. It does not show that a large population of them being abused! Again get a grip and show YOUR own evidence!!!!!!!!! Then I will pay attention.

      • Sue says:

        I don’t troll, Andrew. I’ve been active in many animal issues (which is the subject of this blog) for decades, and that’s why I’m subscribed to Pet Rescue Report.

        I’ve already authored and self-published a book on this subject, and set up the website, both of which have (and the website still is) cost a lot of money. My links come from all over, and show that it’s not just one location where this is happening, and it’s not often one can find them because there is definitely a wall of silence, fronted with a wall of propaganda, that most people don’t know about because they haven’t been involved with researching or trying to expose it. And, so many other employees from different agencies have shared information which confirms this is widespread, but they are afraid to be named, afraid for their jobs.

        Thanks for telling me what more YOU think I should do, but most of all, thanks for keeping this subject in front of others who care about animals.

  5. susispot says:

    RIP Bane. My heart is broken. I personally do not think a K9 should be sent in “ahead” of an officer, but “with” an officer. It is too often a death sentence for the dog. Just my opinion.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    This hunk of puke killed a K9 police officer and should be punished the same as if it were a human cop – Bane is being treated like trash by Phoenix – they can be as sorry as they want, but this dog put his life on the line and died doing his duty – the punk who killed Bane should be treated like the pond scum he is – to give him one year is no punishment whatsoever. He will be out in six months and Bane is dead – this asshole should be facing 20 years – Thanks Phoenix, for treating Bane like a disposable object – you should be ashamed.


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