dog may die after owners retired

Old boy lost home when owners retired, now he is at risk of losing his life

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A darling old boy, eight years of age, lost his home when his prior owners retired and decided that they could no longer afford him. The dog, named Midnight, was taken in at ACCT Philly, and now he is out of time.

A plea on this senior dog’s behalf

An advocate wrote:

Midnight is TIMESTAMPED and must leave ACCT by 10/25 at 8pm!

🐾🐾The ACCT Philly shelter is full ~ Please share for Midnight!

Midnight is my favorite dog at ACCT Philly right now (and if you know me, you know that’s saying a lot!). This 8 year old gentleman lost his home because his owner is retired and could no longer afford to care for him.


Midnight is like a fish out of water in the shelter: he’s housetrained, but doesn’t get to go outside very often. He loves people, but doesn’t get much personalized attention. And he was surrendered with another dog who unfortunately is no longer with us.

The dire situation

Midnight needs to leave…today. Please network his adoption information and help him have the happily ever after which he deserves.

You can meet Midnight during adoption hours at ACCT Philly, 111 West Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, 1-8 weekdays, 10-5 weekends.

Facebook thread here.

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A survivor’s story

9 replies
  1. JEANETTE says:

    what an evil person to give up this sweet dog, just because they retired. there are places to help so you could keep your dog.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Pray that Midnight gets the true forever home he deserves. My husband and I are retired and on a limited income but we would never think of getting rid of our four legged daughter. This people should understand what they have done to this dog and hope they have a miserable life. Should have tried to at least find someone who would take this lovely dog. Glowing reviews by the shelter but must be out by a certain date. Why are people so cruel. Don’t they even think their dog feels abandonment, loneliness and being scared in a strange place?

  3. Gail Calhoun says:

    If the shelter kills Midnight just for anticipated needed space, they are wrong. Foster him to someone! He may only need one day!

  4. Julie Eliason says:

    PLEASE someone save him, he shouldn’t have to die because his owners decided that they couldn’t keep him! Shelter, if you kill him then you should be ashamed of yourselves! You aren’t a shelter! Besides, it’s been proven that you make more money rehoming dogs than killing them ! So STOP killing the animals, if you can’t find a home for them then find another shelter that can maybe find a home for them, killing them is NOT the answer!

  5. Melissa Gurley says:

    Killing a good dog for space what a shame the people who run this place has lost all sympathy for these poor animals have a heart give this beautiful dog a chance I totally agree with Gail Calhoun foster it’s the only right thing to do


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