horse found tangled in pool cover

Man discovered horse, who sought refuge from fire, tangled in pool cover

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A horse, seeking refuge from the deadly Camp fire in Paradise, California, was discovered tangled in a pool cover. In a public Facebook post, resident Jeff Hill stated that the horse seemed to have given up by the time he found her. He wrote:

As I was checking to see if someone’s house was standing we stumbled upon this girl who had given up and had the look of defeat in her eyes. There’s no telling how long she was there but she was shivering uncontrollably and ultimately lost her fight.

An unlikely survival

Not only did the horse manage to escape the smoke and flames in the massive wildfire, but she was spared drowning thanks to the pool cover which kept her head above water in the cold water. Hill described her situation, and her reaction after being saved from death:

She was all caught up in the pool cover but her being suspended by it prevented her from drowning. We scrambled to unhook the pool cover and pulled her to the shallow end where we guided her up the steps.
She got out, shook off, loved on us for a few minutes as a thank you and walked off assuring us that she was ok ❤️


The rescue has been compiled into a video:

The devastating fire

The Camp fire has wrought havoc on the small northern California town of Paradise. The death toll from the blaze has climbed to 42 and an unknown number of animals have perished. As reported by NPR, the fire is the deadliest in state history.

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Hopefully the OWNER”S Care Enough for their Equine Companion ::: They will come and look for and get her out of there before she perishes to the wolves, and coyotes:: OMG!!!! HORRIFIC & SAD beyond BELIEF!!!!


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