New York state trooper discovers wandering elephant while on patrol

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Imagine the surprise New York State Trooper Sgt. Dave Scott must have felt after a call came in on Sunday night referencing a wandering elephant in Westtown.

Public Information Officer for Trooper Steven Nevel told AbcNews, officers received a call detailing the discovery of a wandering elephant, and within ten minutes Sgt. Scott and another trooper spotted the elephant casually walking around the area. The officer alerted the owners of the nearby sanctuary and within minutes, Fripha, a 46-year-old Vietnamese elephant started heading towards home.

“They came out and spoke to the elephant like someone would talk to their dog,” Nevel stated. “The told her to turn around and head back home, and she started heading back home.”

To Fripha’s credit, she didn’t seem bothered at all by the commotion. An employee at the sanctuary forgot to turn on the electric fence, and the 8,000 pound elephant decided to go for a stroll. Fripha arrived in the United States after she had been burned by napalm during the Vietnam War.

Wouldn’t we all have liked to have been in the patrol car when Sgt. Scott received the call about a wayward elephant? Imagine his chagrin!

Fripha is home. All of our brave state troopers are safe, and all is well with a happy ending.

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