Man allegedly beat dog with a hammer

Man allegedly beat dog with hammer for taking food off of plate

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A Utah man is accused of using a hammer on a dog who stole food from his plate. According to multiple sources, 50-year-old Stanley Jocelyn, of Salt Lake City, attacked his girlfriend’s dog with the tool because he was angry that the pooch stole some food.

The incident

Jocelyn apparently left his plate, unattended on a table, when the dog named Temper, decided to grab his food (a steak). The man tried to retrieve the meat from Temper’s mouth – which resulted in the dog biting his finger. The accused man then began (allegedly!) to beat the dog repeatedly in the head with a hammer.

Police who responded to the residents found blood splattered in multiple areas of the home.  The injured dog was transported to a veterinarian by a neighbor, reports KTXS news.

The hammer attack resulted in crushing injuries to the dog’s skull – he had to undergo surgery for the wounds. No word on the dog’s current condition.

The man’s alleged attack resulted in a felony charge of torture of a companion animal.

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