Injured puppy thrown in dumpster

Someone threw a badly injured puppy in a dumpster

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Not long ago, someone found a badly injured puppy who had been thrown away like garbage in a dumpster. The puppy was discovered by a good Samaritan. Via Instagram, the BARCS Animal Shelter described the pup’s injuries:

She was alone, scared and bleeding from her head. Hootie was scooped up and brought to BARCS, where we immediately addressed her head injuries. It was revealed through X-rays that Hootie had three fractures to her head: her eye, her skull and her jaw. The injuries were caused by a large bite wound.

According to the shelter, little Hootie is just five weeks of age – because she is so young, she is not able to undergo surgery to wire her jaw. The shelter stated, “her pain must be managed through medications and very careful care. She has a long road of recovery ahead of her.”

Hootie and others

BARCS is doing its utmost to help Hootie recover from the trauma she has endured, and the staff is committed to helping others like her:

Baby Hootie is new to this world, and while we can’t erase the trauma and abandonment that she has experienced, we are doing everything we can to make up for it with love. Here at BARCS, we meet 12,000 animals each year that need our help. Many, like Hootie, need extra time and specialized care before they can find their Happily Ever After.

Interested in helping? Donations can be made to BARCS here.

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A survivor’s story

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