Donkeys killed for Chinese health fad

Heinous crimes: Donkeys stolen, skinned to fuel Chinese demand for health fad

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Donkeys are being stolen and killed to fuel a Chinese health fad. According to the Associated Press, the heinous crimes are taking place in Africa because there aren’t enough donkeys in China to keep up with the demand for donkey-hide gelatin, known as ejiao, which supposedly provides health benefits.

What is donkey-hide gelatin supposed to help with?

As reported by Wikipedia, ejiao, or donkey-hide gelatin, is supposed to be useful in the treatment of coughs, bleeding, dizziness and insomnia. Sometimes the gelatin is used in snacks as well.

The deadly and expensive toll

Activists claim that the demand for donkey-hide gelatin threatens the world’s donkey population. Donkeys in Africa are being stolen from people who use the animals for farming and other work. Demand for donkey slaughterhouses is not being met by donkeys which are legally obtained, so a thriving black market for them has developed. In some areas, the population of donkeys is dramatically declining.

Production of donkey gelatin

According to the Associated Press, Dong’e Ejiao Corporation Limited is the largest producer of donkey hide gelatin – processing approximately 1 million skins each year. A staggering number of donkeys are slaughtered for ejiao – according to the Donkey Sanctuary 2 million of the animals are slaughtered for their skins each year.

The price

Even farmers who don’t want to sell their donkeys are tempted by the inflated price – one man told the Associated Press, “When you have a car and you get the first buyer saying ‘I will give you $3,000 for it and the second buyer says I will give you $6,000,’ what would you do?” Tawanda said. “I will definitely sell. All of us want money.”

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14 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Greedy Chinese which in turn produces those willing to sell their animals for a huge profit. When donkeys are extinct, what will they do next?None of these cretins think that far ahead because that would mead they might stop and think about what they do. Asia is a whole other area that think so much different from us.

  2. Marni Montanez says:

    I am so sick of China’s cruelty. I feel so bad for the Chinese animal activists who fight this battle daily and see what their own country is doing to these animals. These chinese industries are so barbaric. I wish they owed the US billions and billions of dollars because that is when they would listen. China is about money and if it means brutality that is what it will do to get that money. Only the animal activists and those who are against this are sane in such an insane society.

    • Jan Barnes says:

      Marni, you are absolutely right! I am in regular contact with Animals Asia, and they are fighting day and night to stop these horrific atrocities. However, they seriously need the help and support of the worldwide community for the impact needed to stop it–beginning with Yulin!

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    F… g.
    SAVAGES! No surprise! Look at Yulin! They are experts at brutal torture and massacre of innocent defenseless animals!

  4. slv says:

    Got to disagree with the Chinese man and his example of selling a car for $3,000. Someone offered to trade their car for my two dogs and I said “no way”. Not enough money in the world to give me for my dogs. And I am not a rich person.

  5. Bev Woodburn says:

    Donkeys are being stolen and killed to fuel a Chinese health fad. According to the Associated Press, the heinous crimes are taking place in Africa because there aren’t enough donkeys in China to keep up with the demand for donkey-hide gelatin, known as ejiao, which supposedly provides health benefits which is full of lies and is fake. Why the vile animal torturing Chinese haven’t enough Donkeys for this fake ejiao is because of their vile and evil heinous torture and suffering of these precious Donkeys for their skins and consumption. And it is because of the animal torturing Chinese and their fake medicinal claims and fake ejiao that is causing the deaths of millions of the precious and innocent animals and wildlife.

    No precious and innocent animal is safe from the animal torturing Chinese, who are known as the vilest of animal torture and suffering Worldwide.

    I am sickened by the unimaginable heinous animal torture and suffering the vile and evil Chinese commit also against precious and innocent animals for their fake medicinal claims and this fake ejiao, where innocent and precious Donkeys that these animal torturing monster can round up are being blundgeoned to death and in many cases skinned alive. They are also torturing and killing horses, cows and other helpless and innocent animals for their fake ejiao.

    This is not culture, tradition, medicinal claims or their fake ejiao. This is purely animal torture and suffering. Their fake claims and fake medicinal claims including the vile and evil cruel and sadistic dog and cat meat trade have become such an integral part of the unimaginable atrocities committed against the precious and innocent animals have been proven false. They are purely marketing tactics created and promoted by greedy money hungry Chinese monsters.

    They must be stopped and made accountable for the unimaginble atrocities they commit against such precious and innocent sentient beings purely for their blood money and their greed.

    Down with China.

    • Jan Barnes says:

      Bev, I honestly think they just enjoy torture and slaughter of innocent defenseless animals! It’s that simple! I would absolutely love to watch their “karma” firsthand!

      • Bev Woodburn says:

        Jan, I think the same. They definitely enjoy torturing dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other innocent and defenceless animals to death. by the vilest of heinous torture and suffering that these Chinese animal torturing monsters can commit. They are the vilest of animal torturers Worldwide.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    There is no health benefit whatsoever in donkey gelatin and those who partake in this cruelty know it – it is just another phony outdated and cruel tradition the Chinese indulge in to ream in a profit from the backs of animals. PLEASE – I implore the animal activists in China to protest against Dong Ejiao’s company in person – they are the largest producer of this supposed ‘health’ product and are responsible for this phony claim of the benefit of donkey hide – they need to be shut down.

  7. Bunny Peters says:

    Two words: absolutely disgusting (alright: a third word: heartbreaking)……..

    WTF is wrong with this culture that fake health claims are taken as “gospel truth” even when scientific proof exists that these “health claims” are fake…… this is true for ALL these claims: dog meat or cat meat doesn’t improve health, neither does ground up ivory or horn from elephants and rhinos….. I just don’t understand WTF these people are thinking….


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