Florida man shot and killed dog who got loose and ran at his puppy

Man shot and killed dog who got out of yard
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A Florida man claims that he had no choice but to shoot and kill a dog who got loose from its Palm Coast yard and charged at his puppy. James Armes, 69, told WESH News that two dogs, described as German shepherds, ran at him on Sunday and he was forced to fire his gun.

What happened?

Armes told the news agency that the dogs escaped their fenced yard and ran directly to him and his Maltese mix, Dolly. He said, “I thought the one dog was going to bite me and the other dog was going to get Dolly, is what I thought.” He added, “I wasn’t going to let the dogs bite me or my dog because those are big dogs. They’d shake her, they’d kill her in a second.”

The dogs never did bite Armes, or Dolly – one dog died from the gunshot and the other dog ran away.


The man who shot the dog will not face any charges – he is legally permitted to carry a concealed weapon. The police investigated and learned that the two dogs have a history of escaping from their yard. A few weeks ago, Armes’ wife encountered the same dogs while she was out walking – the dogs circled her and “nipped” at her puppy.

(Screenshot via WESH News)

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  1. Hope those two dogs are taken away from that careless owner. These two dogs do what dogs do, but they should be in their yard and stay there, not escape.The woman was lucky these same dogs didn’t harm her or her tiny dog. Owners need to be responsible for their animals since these dogs look to us for guidance.

    • There is only one dog left now, James Armes killed the other one so it will never be able to escape and menace this “poor” man and his dog again! I’m sorry but did he really need to shoot and kill someone’s dog? We will never know if they would have bitten, and even though they have a history of escaping, doesn’t mean they would. If he HAD to shoot his gun, why not try a warning shot first. I am willing to bet both dogs would have run!

  2. So – PICK UP YOUR LITTLE DOG, willya??

    I frequently encounter loose/stray dogs while walking my five companions (as a pack, or individually) and either insert myself between them, or pick up any little ones.

    Am I upset with irresponsible owners? You bet! But not enough to use lethal force on THEIR hapless companions – just because of an owner’s carelessness!

    Screw second amendment “rights” to pack heat, and inflict deadly consequence on anything and everything that even glances your way!

    For a variety of reasons – carry laws, principal among them – Florida is WAY off my list of states to visit…

    • I’ve had more dogs than I can count run at me when I’m walking my dogs – is it frightening sometimes? Sure – but I’ve never considered killing them 🙁 And most of the dogs bark and run at your in excitement – are some aggressive (not that I’ve encountered but in other instances)? Yes – and bad things can happen – but every dog that runs/barks at someone walking isn’t going to kill.

      • I totally AGREE with you!!! My husband and I have permits to carry, But is sure IN HELL is NOT FOR SHOOTING ANIMAL”S … The shoot on sight is getting out of control!!! this man of my Age and of Post Viet Nam area has the shoot first & DON”T MISS THE TARGET ATTITUDE !!! He should have picked up his pup and gave those dogs a chance to back off!!!

      • I have two German Shepherds and they would probably run up to someone and their dog if they had gotten loose, but they would be expecting a pet on the head. Shooting someone’s dog because they are loose and before they have done anything shouldn’t be necessary. Anyone that walks his dog carrying a gun is looking to use it and James Armes did just that whether he had to or not.

    • I agree w/you Stephen L. Phillips – there is a lot of fault to go around on both sides – AND as usual the dogs are the victims.

  3. I can see both sides of this, the person walking the little dog is afraid that if he picks up his dog he cannot hold it high enough for the larger dogs not to “get it.” Also afraid that the bigger dogs would knock him over and bite him and kill the little dog. If the irresponsible owners of the shepherds would have secured them, this would not have happened and since it says they have a “history” of escaping the owner should have been cited and possibly have the dogs taken away. Possibly a can of mace would have been a better choice than to kill the one and hurt the other one.

  4. I find this just a bit extreme, I have had to pull my dogs to my chest more than once but I never felt I need to kill a dog for charging me. To think that 69 yr old man carries a gun! What happens if a teenager charges him I guess he’ll kill before he is attacked. Not sure this is a good thing folks

  5. Why in the world is he carrying a gun? Why not mace or something like that. When people carry weapons to walk their dog, there is something frightening about that. I understand being afraid and I have had that happen to me and my dogs. I had to deal with it alone. Cesar Milan really helps with that.

  6. I had a Rottie run at me and my little 12 pound dog. I was screaming…his owner was in the yard with him and had not noticed he took off. I picked up my dog and ran to a tree and put my dog between me and the tree….finally the IDIOT owner looked up and saw her dog was gone and then saw he was running straight at me.
    I LOVE DOGS….however…. I DO NOT LOVE ANY DOG off leash. You do not want to use a leash, put them in your yard or go to a dog park. I have since purchased mace and I will use it next time. If it is between me and my dog………….YOUR DOG WILL LOSE. Sorry….put it on a leash.

  7. I have personally met these dogs as my friend lives very close to them… they are NOT German shepherds, but lovely mixed breed medium sized very friendly dogs .. I have put my hands over their fence and pet them… this guy was not in fear of his life … how is it ok to discharge a weapon in a residential neighborhood??? I’m sure if he picked up his little dog and said BOO They would have run… a neighbor witnessed him putting his puppy in his house and coming out with his gun… why not call animal control if he was safely in his home????

  8. My friend lives near these dogs… they are lovely mixed breed (not shepherd) medium sized sisters, who I have pet over their fence. Unfortunately they did jump the fence so were then clipped unto leashes when they were out in the yard . Some dogs are escape artists so they still got loose occasionally unfortunately . A neighbor of mr armes claimed that he put his puppy safely in his house and then came out with a gun and shot the dog… so if he was safely in his house why not call animal control? Inexcusable and sickening… they were both really sweet dogs and their family is very nice, and they now have their house on the market… don’t blame them… who wants to live in a place where a grown man can discharge a firearm in the middle of a residential neighborhood . and I don’t think he even has a scratch . ????


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