Broken hearts: Owner’s farewell caught on video

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In the early morning hours at the New Orleans’ facility of Villalobos Rescue Center, broken hearts too often prevail. Dogs are left tied up to the fences in anticipation of the staff finding them in the morning. It happened again on Tuesday. Although the initial reaction from hard-working rescuers is one of anger and despair for the dogs left behind, perhaps there is more to these stories?

The staff found a small dog tied to the fence. She has been named Cairo, but before making judgment watch the broken hearts involving both the dog and her owner.

“We used to get angry with people that did this and called them ‘cold hearted & uncaring,” Villalobos Rescue Center founder, Tia Torres wrote on Facebook after posting the surveillance video of the owner and the dog’s tearful separation.  But then we realized…they could’ve easily turned their dog loose in their neighborhood or taken their dog to a shelter that euthanizes within 4 days of their arrival. So in some roundabout way…these people cared enough to bring their dogs to us.”

Unfortunately as more abandoned and stray dogs fill up the rescue space and donations continue to decline, the task becomes more difficult.

“And yes each morning, we race to the post office hoping that the box is filled with donation checks but lately…it’s just not the case.”

Watch the entire video. What must have gone through both the dog’s and her owner’s minds as the man walked away – but not without a deep sorrow. Watch the initial separation as the man kisses her and slowly walks away. Surely he is telling her she will have a better life and someone kind will adopt her and give her a wonderful home; more than what this man can now provide. Watch how loyal Cairo is able to free herself and run after the human she loves. And then watch how the man carries her back – most likely in profound sadness.

This morning Cairo will find herself safe and soon be available for sponsorship. Sadly, there will be more mornings like this. Please consider donating to the dogs:


Video and photos via Villalobos Rescue Center.

More news and updates on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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    • Pamela. You are a very angry person aren’t you?
      You rage constantly. If you bothered to read the article, you will see the owner did not want to give up his dog.

      • W – exactly why do you care what other people say? Everyone has an opinion and you have no right to judge anyone else.

  1. What more can be said. This man obviously loves his dog but for some reason can’t keep her. Whatever the reason, there has to be assistance people can get with their pets care depending on what the problem is. Terrible when a landlord says you can’t have a pet,which for many is like their child. Would a landlord say you can’t have children-no, but they can easily say that about a dog.Don’t know what the issue is with this man and his dog, but very sad all around. Hope she finds a place soon.

  2. I used to think people were heartless and cruel leaving their pets at shelters and doing what this guy did, but now I understand that in some situations it can’t be helped! (My heart goes out to this man) I may face this decision if I can’t find an apartment that takes dogs, especially two dogs. What do people do if they have 3 or more pets? I will have limited income, but I am going to do everything in my power to keep my dogs with me. My husband and I are separating and selling the house. I hope from the sale of the house I can find an apartment or a small house I can buy so this way I won’t have to worry EVER again about giving up my dogs because of moving.

    • Sue: I got divorced over 25 years ago and have now been married for almost 25 years… we live in the western part of the country and there is a far lower population of people and lots of smaller towns.. people are pretty darn good and it is easier to find housing at moderate prices… Not the astronomical prices of East Cost , Florida, … You also don’t read a hell of a lot of animal abuse problems in this area… I wish you luck and hold you head high.. I don’t know you , but keep your positive outlook It is hard I know but don’t give up… I am not a religious person , I am spiritual !! take Care!!

    • Try a mobile home Park where you can probably keep them. Kids do far more damage than most dogs, but they’re protected from being denied living in places. I understand both sides of the argument, when done owners have pets who damage. Innocent people and their pets have to suffer because of irresponsible morons.

    • I had to move because of so much crime in the area where I lived. I bought a house out in the country where I could have all my pets. Even if you have can find a mobile home or live an RV to keep your pets. There is a national pets for the homeless that helps with food, spay/neutered and immunizations too. I wish you luck I sacrificed everything to provide for my pets and get help with food and buy my own immunizations except for rabies.

    • The mobile homes in rural
      areas may be an option but not in a trailer park where you have to pay rent for space. I would check various areas of the country.

  3. I understand the heartbreak, but I still believe they should take them inside and explain what the situation is. Maybe they could help. Tia and her crew are awesome about helping people keep their dogs

  4. Soooo…. would he dump his kids if the apartment he wanted didn’t accept kids? Would he dump his parents if they couldn’t get up and down the stairs? Sorry…..DO NOT GET A PET if you can think of ANY REASON that gives good motive to abandonment.
    Pets should be your family….. no exceptions.
    A home we had been wanting BADLY became available, found out they would not accept our schnauzer…we walked.

  5. All I will say is at least the dog was left at Villalobos – the dog will be taken care of and hopefully, find a new home. Dumping any animal anywhere infuriates me – Thank God no one came along and harmed the dog before staff found it.


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