Dog burned in apartment fire

Dog severely burned in apartment fire – rescue agency helping his family

A dog who was severely burned in an apartment fire in Houston, Texas, is receiving life saving veterinary care thanks to a local rescue agency which has stepped up to help his family. The dog, named Rambo, is alive today because his owner braved the flames and smoke to get him out of the burning structure.

Still a life or death fight for survival

Rambo is fighting for his life at Vergi 24/7 – the Animal Justice League is assisting with the staggering veterinary expenses stemming from his fight for survival. The most recent update from the rescue agency states:

Not much of an update but Rambo has been put on meds that will make him sleep, and allow his body to rest & heal. The next 72 hours will be the most critical, so for now we wait and keep him comfortable. If he makes it through, the really hard part will start.

The burns

The majority of the burns on Rambo’s body are on his face and the right side of his body – his eyes are red and swollen and the inside of his nose is burned as well. The veterinary staff is watching him closely to see if his kidneys and liver will hold up.

You can help

Concerned dog lovers are able to help this severely injured dog by supporting the rescue agency which is standing by him and his family. Donations for Rambo’s ongoing care can be made via this link to the rescue agency.

More news and updates on the National Animal News Facebook page.

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9 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    What a great owner. He is a real man. A man with a good heart and who is teaching his children to love animals. I pray for Rambo’s full recovery.

  2. Adrienne says:

    This man really cares about this dog to go back in and save this dog. He and his family I am sure grateful to the Animal Justice League for their financial help. Hope this dog makes it for he has a caring, loving family to be back with.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    At last, a post from Texas where a man cared enough about his dog to fight a fire in order to save Rambo. I thank this brave man for risking his life for his dog and the Animal Justice League for stepping up and helping with the finances in order to save his life. I hope Rambo recovers and is reunited with his caring owner –

  4. Ilona Brost says:

    The owner (unnamed in article) seems to be of Latino origin. Among all these garbage rambling about “Mexicans being murderers and rapists” it is time to take a good look at the complete picture. THERE ARE SOME AMAZING PEOPLE AMONG THEM! And A LOT of them too.

    My prayers for the family. And hats off for this kind of people.


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