Registered sex offender accused of beating 10-month-old puppy with a pipe

A registered sex offender has allegedly admitted to beating his 10-month-old puppy with a pipe and a belt. Terrence L. Howard, 43, was reportedly observed beating his dog from June 3 through June 7 by multiple witnesses.

According to the MadisonNews witnesses heard the dog “screaming in pain.”  When the witnesses called the police, they stated that they saw Howard “pounding the dog” with his fists. Howard admitted to having struck the dog ten times for tearing up the trash. He also stated the lacerations on the dog’s head had been caused when he struck the puppy with his belt. Neighbors said Howard beat the dog daily and always getting drunk.

The pup, named Rocky is now under the care of the Wisconsin Humane Society. His rescuers say he is recuperating and “is a young dog with a forgiving personality,” reports Tmj4Today. The adorable pooch will be receiving both the physical and emotional help he needs to help him recover from this trauma.

Donations to help with his care can be made at or by calling 414.431.6119.

Get well soon Rocky.

(Photo of sex offender via police record)

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16 replies
  1. Larry says:

    This SOB should be required to pay the full cost of caring for this poor puppy, who should never be returned to him. However, I will gladly pay the rope to be used to hang this bastard from a tall and sturdy tree. I don’t think it will hurt the tree none.

  2. Marni Montanez says:

    pervert and abuser. Hmmm. Do we really want people like this in our neighborhoods. Where is the island they can take these monsters to?

  3. Adrienne says:

    YES, make him pay for all the medical bills for this dog. I have always said that there should be an island for these cretins that abuse,harm & kill their pets. Dump them there, drop food once a month and let them kill each other. They don’t deserve to live among normal people. There is no rehabilitation for these types of scum.

  4. Star Shelley says:

    My lord, I I wish I could punch the shot of this low life asshole. Sending you Krama so someone and beat you up like you do your pup. I pray for his pup to have a loving and care home. I also hope this evil creature has no peace in his soul, mind and heart with nightmares for the rest of his pathetic life.

  5. Red says:

    PLEASE tell me with all the courts and judges know about monsters who inflict animal abuse….this worthless excuse of a human is locked up!! He will turn his anger on a human eventually, once he kills and animal, he will move to humans.

  6. Diana Rowell says:

    He ought to be beaten with a pipe until he cannot see or stand, then dump his sub-human maggot ass out in the middle of NOWHERE as he is NOT human. Period!

  7. Ruth Powell says:

    He ought to be beaten with a pipe until he cannot see or stand, then dump his sub-human maggot ass out in the middle of NOWHERE as he is NOT human. Period!

  8. Gail Calhoun says:

    The story captures of part of the abuse but fails to mention if this person will face jail time. Is this an arrest photo? we do not know. The story shows again people who can not intelligently reasonable function in society and harm animals do harm anyone-animal or child or adult. Everyone needs to take the moments required to contact their states Attorney General’s office and ask for stiffer penalties for people who harm animals. One sure way to protect children and animals is to address these problems from the top on down. Mentioning Cock fighting as it goes hand in hand with dog fighting–stop cock fighting. In some places it is legal! It is a animal cruelty that lends it’s hand to criminals!

  9. Jan Barnes says:

    God bless you, Rocky! Hope your evil insane bastard owner will be rotting first in prison and then in HELL. Maybe someone will beat him to death so HELL will come faster!

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another knuckle dragging waste of flesh and bone whose spineless actions proves he is in no way a man – he is a punk who beats on a puppy who cannot defend itself – that is exactly what he is worth – a coward – he deserves to be tied to a railroad track and watch as his life ends. That would be justice because he will never get what he deserves by the piss poor justice system in this country.

  11. pennysdachshunds says:

    Now lets see here ::: According to this “Ethnic” Animal Abuse :::: His LIFE MATTER”S!!! OK anyone can agree to that statement UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES!!! What is MISSING in all this BULLSHIT SONG AND DANCE … Why only the lives of this particular groups seem to Matter to Them… What about the LIVES of the Thousands of Lives this Particular ETHNIC GROUP ABUSE , BEAT TO DEATH and STARVE on an HOURLY BASIS MEAN NOTHING to them AT ALL!!! I say The Black Lives would Matter much more IF THEY started to Show Compassion to the VERY ANIMAL’s that LOVE THEM … For Better or Worse and in return these Poor Trusting Companions are Maimed, Tortured, Burned , Beaten ::: I think this Ethnic Group NEEDS to RETHINK as to WHY? their sector are so hateful, cruel, aggressive, and callus toward the very Animal’s that Love them UNCONDITIONALLY!! They are the ONE”S that need to LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!! SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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