Registered sex offender accused of beating 10-month-old puppy with a pipe

A registered sex offender has allegedly admitted to beating his 10-month-old puppy with a pipe and a belt. Terrence L. Howard, 43, was reportedly observed beating his dog from June 3 through June 7 by multiple witnesses.

According to the MadisonNews witnesses heard the dog “screaming in pain.”  When the witnesses called the police, they stated that they saw Howard “pounding the dog” with his fists. Howard admitted to having struck the dog ten times for tearing up the trash. He also stated the lacerations on the dog’s head had been caused when he struck the puppy with his belt. Neighbors said Howard beat the dog daily and always getting drunk.

The pup, named Rocky is now under the care of the Wisconsin Humane Society. His rescuers say he is recuperating and “is a young dog with a forgiving personality,” reports Tmj4Today. The adorable pooch will be receiving both the physical and emotional help he needs to help him recover from this trauma.

Donations to help with his care can be made at or by calling 414.431.6119.

Get well soon Rocky.

(Photo of sex offender via police record)

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