Man drowned trying to save dog from flooded stream

‘Dog Lover’ drowns while trying to save stray dog from flooded stream

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Flood waters, and a man’s love for dog’s resulted in a tragic death in Kauaʻi County, Hawaiʻi this week. According to KHON News, 30-year-old Joshua Bradbury was with his friend, Noah Foote on Tuesday when the pair spotted a dog by a flooded stream. Just before getting into the water, Bradbury told his friend that he was going in if the dog entered the water.

What happened

Foote told the news agency what happened in the moments before his friend was swept away:

“That’s when we realized the puppy was going to swim toward us. He met me on the other side of the steam, and the last time I saw Josh, he was handing the puppy, pushing the puppy over to me.”

The search

Foote tried to help his friend, but the swift water carried Bradbury away – while racing to catch up, Foote called 911. Rescuers arrived to search the area, but it was Bradbury’s friend who ultimately located his body early in the evening. He told the news agency, “I was going to do anything to find him. It’s frustrating, you know, if we could rewind, right? But he loved animals.”

More about the heroic man who tried to help

Rob Bradbury, Joshua’s father, isn’t surprised that his son, who was described as a kind man, lost his life trying to help. He told the news agency:

 “The last thing he did was jump in after a dog that he, you know, he just reacted in the moment and did it, so I’m proud of him, the person he is, the man he became, the boy that he was.”

Officials recommend that people stay out of swift water.

(screenshot via KHON2 News)

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6 replies
  1. zorka says:

    This is so tragic, tears and prayers from we all, The higher power called him home, his heroic kindness, we all mourn this wonderful soul.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Joshua is now in heaven with all the angels–and with all the animals that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I am sure he is happy the beloved dog is okay. Love and prayers to the family of this brave loving hero.

  3. Adrienne says:

    In their grief and loss of Joshua Bradbury,his family and friends should be proud of the type of man he was and how selfless he was, only thinking of that pup and not his own safety. We need more brave people in our country to stand up for what is right.


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