Muzzled dog sparks concern among animal lovers

Muzzled, chained dog sparks concern
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An image of a muzzled dog, wearing a chain harness and tied up with a thick rope, has sparked concern among animal lovers. The dog lives in Gaston, Oregon, with a man who may be homeless, reports KVAL News.

The story

The pit bull, named Buddy, was spotted on Monday by Susan Licari, who runs an animal rescue. Licari told the news agency what she saw outside of the Gaston Market, “There was duct tape, a bright color duct tape, around his muzzle. I wanted to make sure he was okay and not just abandoned. He was tied up with a very thick rope around a pipe.”

Licari found Buddy’s owner and learned that he keeps the dog in the makeshift muzzle because he doesn’t want people to feed his dog – though she offered to give the man a proper muzzle, he refused.

Licari is concerned that the duct-tape muzzle prevents Buddy from panting and that he could overheat as a result. She has stated that she doesn’t want the dog taken away from his owner, but does want the dog to be treated properly, and fitted with a safe muzzle.


Washington County Animal Services has opened an investigation into the situation. The animal services manager told the news agency, “Bottom line is there is no situation where a dog should wear a muzzle 24/7. I’m hesitant to speculate about what the situation is here. If we were to find out the dog is only muzzled for a short period of time there may be very little we can do.”


Some people in the area are familiar with Buddy and his owner and have defended the use of the make-shift muzzle. Most other people are concerned for Buddy’s well-being.

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  1. Maybe they need to explain why another type of muzzle would be better for Buddy than that think tape which can remover his fur every time it is taken on and off. Let him see how the muzzle would be on Buddy and if the dog doesn’t mind it. Maybe by being patient and showing him the advantages of a muzzle that could easily be taken on and off would help.

  2. The dog is wearing duct tape around his muzzle because the idiot doesn’t want people to feed him? He’s willing to let the dog suffer (just having the tape on will do that) and overheat?

    What the hell is wrong with the people who don’t think the dog should be removed from this potato head? If he’s that stupid, what else is he putting this poor dog through?

  3. Are people serious here? They make excuses for this torture of that poor dog, so that “people won’t feed him”? Dogs must be able to open their mouths and pant when they’re hot or excited, or it’s almost like suffocating. That poor dog looks miserable and sad, like he lives in a HELL. Just because someone is homeless doesn’t make them above animal cruelty laws. What the hell is the matter with people?

  4. I’ve done animal rescue for many years and founded my own rescue. This IS clearly animal abuse!! 1.This prevents vital panting to cool the body. 2.It irritates the skin and cause a lot of pain each time when removed. 3. The dog cannot defend itself if necessary. 4. It also causes depression. What is wrong with law enforcement and animal welfare services there???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are they blind? Stupid? Or just don’t give a damn? Or a combination of all three? That poor dog should immediately be removed and be seen by a veterinarian and never given back to that person,, then be re-homed to someone who knows how to love and treat animals. That person should be charged with animal cruelty and never be allowed to have animals!!!


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