Groomer accused of strangling pets

Groomer accused of strangling pets pleads not guilty

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A groomer, accused of strangling and otherwise abusing clients’ pets, has pleaded not guilty to a charge first-degree animal cruelty. According to multiple sources, 28-year-old Michelle L. Burt, owner of two grooming businesses in the Tri-Cities, allegedly caused the death of  “at least” one cat and one dog at her grooming salon.

The allegations against the groomer

As reported by the Associated Press, Burt is accused of causing the death of a cat and dog at her Paw Spa grooming business in Pasco. KXLY News reports that other animals who received grooming at Burt’s business were injured and required veterinary care. Broken bones and chemical burns are listed among the injuries sustained by clients’ pets.

Former employees at the grooming facility claim that Burt would “control” the cats and dogs by cutting off their air supply. Burt claims that she is innocent of the allegations against her, but she has been ordered to stay away from pets. Burt will have to go to trial in November.

(Stock image of dog being groomed via Pixabay free images)

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8 replies
  1. Nadya Rossi says:

    She is a sexual sadist. Losing her license and having to pay a judgement against her is not enough. She should serve some meaningful time & have her name placed PERMANENTLY on a national registry of animal abusers.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Her anger took over and killed and injured those animals. She should have realized she was in the wrong line of work she she did any harm to these animals, but no, she continued until it got to this. She will now loose her business and may even spend time in jail. Stupid woman with nothing.

  3. PAMELA D says:

    Burt is a useless POS that needs to be tortured and strangled. This just makes me sick to death nothing but cowards and mentally sick subhumans harming animals. They need to rot with cancer.

  4. Dana Ufkes says:

    Shameful, disgraceful and completely unacceptable!! Dogs/ cats and their families put their trust in her. If one of these animals were mine, that she strangled) I don’t know if I could contain myself.. Poor innocent, helpless animals must of been terrified by her! RIP doggie and kit

  5. Bev Woodburn says:

    The psychopathic depraved lowlife animal torturing vile and evil bitch Michelle L. Burt, owner of two grooming businesses in the Tri-Citiesth. must be put to death.
    This evil animal torturing bitch must be eradicated from our planet earth and not breath the air.
    If this vile and evil bitch murdered my pet I would kill this pos evil bitch making sure this pos suffers.. Come on someone eradicate this vile and evil horrible face bitch from our planet before she takes the lives of more innocent and helpless dogs, cats and other innocent animals. Just the look of her evil face makes me want to eradicated this evil lowlife pos from our planet. Die you evil lowlife pos slowly.
    Always the innocent and defenceless dogs, cats and other innocent animals have their innocent lives ended by evil lowlife monsters like this psycho bitch Michelle L.
    Burt. Die ! Die! Die! you lowlife animal torturing psycho bitch.
    All animal torturers and abusers must all be put to death. Get rid of this psycho filth from our planet.


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