City found no evidence of cruelty

City finds no evidence of cruelty, despite damning photos of thin dog returned to rescue

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Despite damning photos showing an underweight dog who is missing most of her hair, the city of Englewood, Colorado, has dismissed a case which was submitted for review by RezDawg Rescue. The rescue group asked for the situation to be investigated after Maggie, a Labrador retriever mix, was returned to them in poor condition.

Volunteer Daniel Hill wrote a Facebook post, voicing his disgust with the city’s findings, on December 14:

An individual originally adopted a dog from Rezdawg Rescue and the dog was literally on death’s door upon re-entering the Rescue’s care. City of Englewood, Colorado refuses to open an animal neglect case, because of a lack of evidence of being burned, beaten, maimed, or scarred.

How is that the criteria by which animal neglect is considered when the dog literally looks dead, and obviously starved and neglected. I’m sorry, but this isn’t just neglect, this is ABUSE.

The city of Englewood should have to answer these questions and protect our four-legged friends. Absolutely sickening that people can get away with this sort of neglect and go on to repeat the offense.

The city’s findings

As reported by KDVR News, the city dismissed the case and a city attorney wrote:

“The city does not feel the facts alleged supports the charge of cruelty or neglect of a dog,”

On Tuesday, the rescue group wrote:

Maggie, one of our #RescueDogs adopted in 2015, was suffering. We got her back in horrible shape! City of Englewood, Colorado, did not gather evidence from us nor the vet who examined her nor did they actually examine the dog. Only the owner was allowed to testify in court. Surprise! The judge gave a #NotGuilty verdict.

Maggie today

Maggie is recuperating in a new foster home and is doing well. She will be made available for adoption once again.

City of Englewood, Colorado website here.

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8 replies
  1. Sue says:

    I worked in two city governments, and, although there may be exceptions, the priorities of the city representatives doesn’t include any form of animal welfare. What they WILL listen to is numbers of citizens in their jurisdiction who complain, because re-election is important to them.

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Sue is exactly correct! People of Englewood remember that judge’s name for future elections and get the word out to the people in the city. If you don’t do that you’re as much at fault as that judge and shame on you!

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    I HAVE to say I am disappointed in my Neighbor State of Colorado!!! I ALWAYS praise this State for the Wonderful job tjey dp tjere/// NOT SO tjos to,e!!! You

    NOT Good This Time Colorado::: I have praised your State to the High Heavens for the wonderful job your Fine State does with rescues and defending the Abused and help for the Shelters’ you either dropped the ball or you guys were taking in a little too much recreational Smoke!!

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    I would say the City of Englewood, Colorado needs a reality check. They see pictures of this dog and can find no abuse evidence? What were they thinking? “Lack of evidence of being burned, beaten, maimed, or scarred”? I guess a dog looking dead, and obviously starved and neglected isn’t abuse in Englewood! Shame on them for letting the owners get away with this!

  5. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    WTF more evidence do they need??? That poor baby suffered a very long time and the persons responsible need to be punished ali g with those idiot investigators.

  6. Diana Rowell says:

    I’ve said it a MILLION times over to residents of almost EVERY major city in this country: GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT THESE TWISTED, LAME JUDGES ALONG WITH CITY/COUNTY ATTORNEYS and VOTE them OUT! My God, it is NOT hard! ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO DECIDE IF IT’S OPENED FOR INVESTIGATION. It absolutely astounds me how many do NOTHING about their ELECTED officials IN CHARGE of over seeing and prosecuting these egregious abuses. But they’re SURE in the FRONT row for OUR (who DO hold OUR officials accountable) MONEY to BAIL them out AGAIN. They’re also the FIRST to bitch and moan. Until YOU do YOUR part I will NOT give another dime to ANY state/county/city GUILTY of IGNORING this! If you can’t stay off social media long enough to get out the word and then vote, then YOU don’t deserve ANY help OR support!


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