Ohio woman accused of trying to drown puppy in bathtub

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In Canton, Ohio, a 29-year-old woman has been arrested after police accused her of trying to drown a puppy in the bathtub of her home. Ashley Mace has been charged with a fifth felony; prohibitions concerning companion animals.

According to Fox News, arrived at Mace’s home on Saturday after someone called authorities about a domestic dispute. When police arrived, they were told about a puppy at the residence they couldn’t find. As police searched the home for the dog, they discovered Mace in a bathroom packing up her personal items, however the floor of the bathroom was flooded.

Moments after officers from the Stark County Sheriff’s Office entered the bathroom, they heard soft moaning and noticed a pile of towels and a shower curtain move out from the corner of the room. In it, was a young pit bull puppy, wrapped in towels having a difficult time breathing; he had been soaked in soap and water.

Residents of the home rushed the puppy to the veterinarian. His prognosis at this time has not been updated, although at the time he arrived at the veterinarian, his condition was serious.

Mace remains in the Stark County Jail in lieu of $2,500 bond.

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  1. Marsha Squibb says:

    F-ing ugly druggie….hope she overdoses….SOON…why do people like this continue to live..they serve NO PURPOSE!!!!!!!

  2. Pennysdachshunds says:

    Holy Moley!!!!!! She looks like she crawled out of a sewer or lagoon , and 29!!! she could pass for 80!!! she needs to be given a bowel , spoon and her “meth head” can take over and devour her drug of choice till this Evil Bitch’s Heart explodes… was a total waste of Air!!!!!! I hope for the best with the poor unfortunate pup to get and putrid scum such as her for a companion…..


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