Chesney – well here we are

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Over a week has passed since Chesney, our eight-year-old German shepherd, suddenly lost the use of her back legs. It has been a tough stretch of time with ups and definite downs.

Yesterday afternoon was so colossally bad that it was nearly humorous! I’ll copy my Facebook “rant” for your enjoyment…(and by no means is this disappointment in Chesney, it’s just a glimpse into our life):

The afternoon sh*t show…taking Chesney out to pee…she starts to poop, sits in it, steps in it and somehow a paralyzed dog finds a way to start jumping – don’t ask me how, I’m too busy trying to avoid the flying sh*t. She starts to pee – lots of pee – I go inside to get wipes, hot water and baby soap to clean her – oh yes, gloves too. Lauren tries to hold her rear up – Chesney wants to go to the gate (running away from her life? I get it!) she sits by the gate while I try to figure out how to clean smeared poop off of – well, everything. Finally get the chunks, clean her up – maneuver her inside to the one “clean bed” and she decide to pee on it too – I’m done

But today brought some hope of normalcy – a great harness for disabled dogs was sent to me by a wonderful woman with a heart of gold. We figured out how to put it on Chesney and headed outside for the first time without a towel – she was beside herself with excitement! Running (with us running behind, carrying her hind in in the harness) to each end of the deck – sniffing and acting as much like a normal dog as she possibly could.

Shortly thereafter, she got to to do the one thing that makes her complete…go upstairs to my daughter’s room. She is up there right now, laying in her favorite spot, barking at Seager to stay away, and if not for her useless rear legs, acting like nothing is amiss.

Maybe, for the first time in 10 days, my daughter can sleep in her bed, instead of on the floor or couch downstairs.

By and large, aside from grappling with depression, Chesney seems comfortable. She is taking daily doses of CBD oil (which I am certain is keeping her painfree and hungry!) and at night, she is listening to “healing” music (who knew you could find that on YouTube?!) which seems to ensure a deep, comfortable night of sleep.

Today we received a supplement to add to her pile of daily “stuff” to take – and tomorrow some grippy booties should be arriving to help protect her dragging feet and give her front feet more traction.

We aren’t having a great time of it here…but we are trying our hardest to get through life. I spend most days in my PJs, working on Chesney’s leg exercises, and reading anything and everything that I can find about dog paralysis online.

Tomorrow is session number three of cold laser and acupuncture. We aren’t seeing much progress, but are still holding onto hope – Chesney can move her tail (not a lot, but some) and she can jerk her leg away if you tickle her toes. Something in there is still connected…

Anyway, that’s the latest on our dear girl – please continue to send her positive energy.

P.S. I was excused from jury duty the first week in January – a huge relief!

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  1. Mary says:

    You are doing a wonderful job of taking care of her. So many people would give up, and it would be the end. You are trying everything in your power, and deserve praise and gratitude. Lots of prayers for Chesney and you. I know from past experience that it is not easy.

  2. BnB's Mommy says:

    Keep up the good work!!!! Now that Chesney has the “Wheelchair” some normalacy will return to your life. Perhaps diapers for in the house and at night in case of accidents. This can be daunting and overwhelming but take a deep breath and prioritize. Take a step back and let someone else take the reins for a day or two and you take a breather. It’s tough, I know, I’ve been there. But you have to take care of you so that you can continue to care for Chesney properly.
    I’m glad to hear that the “wheelchair” helped and Chesney can get around. That will certainly help with her bouts of depression.
    Trudge on soldier!!!!

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    I absolutely loved our quadriplegic MacKitty & he loved the special attention……. it took some trial and error to “develop our care system”, but it was totally worth it!!!!!!!!!

    Your precious furbaby will adjust to her new situation and your relationship with her will be more special with your loving care.

    We made diapers for MacKitty using Sanitary Pads and special belts to keep the pads in place. I would tape the pads to the inside of the belt with paper tape. We would change him frequently (& bathe him, sprinkle baby powder on the groin area to help keep him comfortable).

    We found that “baby white fabric” (flannel layer with a plastic layer, then another flannel layer) was great for lining his bed and using bigger lengths as a diaper changing pad. We bought this special fabric @ Joanne Fabrics (& they often have great 40% or 50% coupons)!!!

    I made an egg crate foam pad for him from foam that I bought @ Joanne Fabrics (& I sewed waterproof pillow cases and towel pillow cases for covering the foam)…….

    I will often sew things that one cannot buy……

  4. Georgette says:

    Wow! Such a great pupdate!! I am in the same situation you are in, with a 50lb dog. What kind of harness did she send you? I have also decided that I’m going to buy a Walkin Wheels wheelchair. I have never had high blood pressure but I have had it lately. She doesn’t have strength to hold herself in “loaf-pinching” position so she is trying not to pinch any loaves off and …. desperate times…
    I think about you every day. Paws folded in prayer for y’all.

  5. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Have you tried a chiropractor? Our dog chiropractor helped tremendously, maybe something got pinched and needs to be “adjusted.” It sounds like Chesney wants to live and enjoy life the best way she can!

    • Penny Eims says:

      she is doing acupuncture and cold laser – the lady who administers those treatments works with a chiropractor. I will ask her today if she thinks it is a good idea for Chesney. If something is “torn” in her spinal column, I don’t want to risk making it worse than it already is.

  6. Vicki Garrett says:

    So thrrilled to see Chesney is feeling much better. Love and CBD oil seems to be helping. Thanks for all your articles on the numerous animals fighting to get well (including ones like my heathen!!!). Prayers and good vibes she continues to improve, as well as Momma!


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