Woman jumped into freezing river to save drowning dog

Woman rescued drowning dog from river
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On Christmas Eve, a frightened dog jumped off of a bridge and into the freezing cold water of the river running beneath Freeman’s Bridge in Schenectady, New York. Ryan McEleney applauded his’ girlfriend’s life-saving effort in a public Facebook post which recounted the frightening incident:

I seriously have the best girlfriend in the world!! We saw a dog on the loose while on the way to my parents house for Christmas Eve dinner running down Freeman’s bridge road. Several people including us all stopped to help and see if the dog had any name tag or owners. He got scared and jumped into the river but I think the cold water got to him real quick and he started drowning.

The rescue

As reported by News 10, Rebecca Welch ditched her boots and jumped into the water to save the struggling dog. McEleney wrote:

Rebecca jumped in that freezing cold water and pulled him to shore where I was. Once we finally got back to the parking lot, a few of the other people went to the front desk of homewood suites and got a bunch of blankets for her and the dog, which is like a 125 lb Mastiff that almost pulled her under the water too!

Soon to be back home

According to the news agency, the dog was taken to the Animal Protective Foundation and the owner has already been in contact with them – the reunion is planned for today.

(Image via screenshot Ryan McEleney/Facebook)

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Ooh that feels nice!

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  1. Both these Living and Loving Soul’s are EXTREMELY LUCKY & BLESSED by The “HIGHER POWER ” and Guardian Angel’s !!! OH MY GOD!!!

  2. Thank god both of them survived and bless Rebecca Welch for going above and beyond for someone else’s dog. There is a special place in heaven for this brave girl.

  3. God and the angels are smiling down on you, Rebecca! A “special place” in heaven is being prepared for you WAY WAY in advance!


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