Stolen puppy is back home

Brazen thieves stole puppy in broad daylight

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Authorities in Mesquite, Texas, are searching for two brazen thieves who stole a puppy out of a fenced yard in broad daylight. A video (surveillance cameras) posted to Facebook shows the puppy-napping…a man in a dark shirt and a ball cap can be seen calling the puppy over to the fence line and then grabbing the pup and walking back to a dark colored SUV. The man who grabbed the puppy leaves with another man who appeared to possibly be distracting the adult dogs who were in the same fenced enclosure.

These are the thieves that stole my 10 week old Dogue de Bordeaux yesterday.UPDATE….Chipper was found and is doing wonderful

Posted by Ivy Bordeaux on Monday, October 8, 2018

Request for information

The puppy’s owners posted information about the stolen pup and the offering of a reward:

Here is the video of the theft of my puppy. He is a 10 week old, red, dogue de bordeaux named “Chipper”. This happened in Mesquite, TX. Thieves might have possible ties to Lubbock or Amarillo. $500 reward for information leading to safe return of “Chipper”. Please contact Mesquite PD if you have any solid leads.

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Some muddy fun!

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  1. Bev Woodburn says:

    These vile and evil monsters who stole this precious and innocent puppy must be caught and put to death. Why should these monsters be allowed to live on our planet. and breath the air. Kill them that is the only thing to do. These monsters will continue stealing the precious puppies and probably torturing animals as they go. Kill the fucks.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hope the cameras got the license plate and more details about the car so maybe someone recognizes it and turns these thieves over to the police. Scum and deserve to be locked away in jail for doing this to a puppy Hope someone turns these scum in and the pup is ok.


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