Animal shelter director fired

Animal shelter director arrested and fired following release of starved dog photos

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The director of an animal shelter in Tennessee found himself under fire following the circulation of damning starved dog photos on social media. According to WBIR News, 44-year-old Terry Wayne Starnes, who headed up the Friends Animal Shelter in Newport, was arrested early this week following an investigation.

The accusations of wrong-doing

In a press release, Cocke County sheriff Armando Fontes explained that a formal complaint was filed by Amy Huff, a concerned citizen, on November 30. Huff filed the complaint after observing a photo of a starved hound named Kylar.

Animal control director fired

The concerning image had been posted to Facebook by April Clevenger on November 29 – she wrote:

please share!
location: Friends Animal Shelter
Cocke County
after reading this there should be no doubt why 25 animals were reported dead in their kennels in their October report!! mind blowing!
lack of proper care! these animals are suffering until their last breath!

The sheriff’s findings

Sheriff Fontes recounted what was found inside of the shelter:

Officers went to the shelter on 12-7-2018 to serve subpoenas for records on K9 Kylar. Officers did find the conditions in some areas of the shelter to be in poor condition in need of cleaning. Officers did observe dogs underweight and in poor condition. Officers worked with other agencies in this investigation. On 12-10-2018 the shelter director Terry Starnes was arrested and criminally charges with cruelty to animals.

As reported by KnoxNews, Kylar is now recuperating in a foster home. He is reported to be gaining weight – up to 54 pounds from a mere 31 pounds when he was rescued.

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Animal control surprise after call to pick up ‘dead’ dog

4 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    HURRY for at least ONE Law Enforcement Agency IN that Dubious State of Tennessee as far as Caring for Neglected Animal’s and DID THE RIGHT THING INVESTIGATE and ARREST::: YOU can bet YOUR BIPPY this CRIMINAL MINDED Scuz Bucket IS/WAS putting monies and probably donated supplies in HIS own COFFER !!!! He Needs to be prosecuted and I hope for the Sake of the animals in the STATE OF TENNESSEE other Agencies will Follow Suite… The brave woman that started this IS TOP”S IN MY BOOK!!!

    • Barbara Hartman says:

      I agree with these 2 above comments. And the lady who reported is the biggest hero..later all surrendered, abandoned, etc., animals’ lives will be taken care of in right way. This fired director doesn’t look capable of managing this shelter..he needs to register as an animal abuser for life and banned from owning pet(s).


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