K9 surrendered to shelter

Police officer surrendered his retired K9 partner to an animal shelter

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A police officer in Mississippi was demoted after his employer discovered that he had surrendered his recently retired K9 partner to an animal shelter. K9 Ringo worked with the Jackson Police Department until he retired in October. The department assumed that the highly trained police dog was enjoying retirement at his handler’s home, but they discovered that the dog had actually been surrendered by Officer Carl Ellis.

The fallout

Officer Ellis’ decision to surrendered the retired K9 to an animal shelter resulted in a reassignment. In a statement, posted by the Clarion Ledger,  the department addressed the disappointing situation:

“The Jackson Police Department respects and holds our canines with high regard just as we do any other officer within our department. They are family, and we do not feel they deserve anything less than a loving home in retirement.”

On October 23, the department congratulated Ringo on his retirement from police duties:

#JPD welcomes its newest officers to the force…canines, Angel and Nadia, reporting for duty!! We also congratulate canines, Ringo and Alpha, on their recent retirement from a job well! They now get to enjoy civilian life while the others continue the necessary job of police work. Another way #JPD is committed to protecting the citizens of @CityofJacksonMS. #CaninePower#JPDPoliceDogs #CriminalsBeware

New protocols have been implemented to prevent future retired K9s from being handed over to shelters.

K9 Ringo was reported to have been adopted from the animal shelter – no word on exactly where he is today.

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13 replies
  1. slv says:

    Well maybe they ought to do a little police work to find Ringo. After all they just said they respect K9’s as much as retired officers. Make sure Ringo is in a happy home.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    What kind of POS police officer does this to his K-9. Most would go above and beyond to keep their partners and this moron turns the dog over to the shelter. The police department should have done more than just “demote” this POS, he should have been fired. I hope and pray K-9 Ringo was adopted to someone who will love and take good care of this special dog, Ringo certainly didn’t deserve this treatment for his service.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      I agree with you!!!

      Plus, whoever adopted this dog should be aware of his past training and police work.

      It’s entirely possible that an innocent action by the new family could trigger a violent action by Ringo (thinking he is still doing “police work”)…..

  3. Donna L Hawkins says:

    This is unbelievable behavior by a police officer! He should be fired,! This dog also could be dangerous in untrained hands,! What a moron! I hope they track him down,!

  4. Sue says:

    Again, although there are different individuals within K9 units, the over-all standard RULE is to view the dogs as equipment, like your gun or baton. Some have admitted this openly, but the general strategy (to keep public support, and donations coming in to purchase and “train” more K9s) is to LIE, and keep the public in the dark about the role of the dogs, and what is done to them behind the scenes. And what is done to them behind the scenes would be prosecutable as cruelty if you or I were caught doing it.

    There are individual handlers who become attached to their dogs, but they cannot buck the rules which come down from the top (military style “training”). So they have to go along with tortures that the public doesn’t hear about, or they will be kicked off the K9 team and have their dogs taken away from them. Keeping the “code of silence” about it is also part of the “brotherhood.”

    Joining a K9 team is not for people who have compassion and the ability to think independently.

    • Laura says:

      It’s like no one wants to acknowledge what you say, their wanting to think this guy was one of a very few “bad apples” among K9 officers. That barrel is chock full of those bad apples, people, the sooner you realize this and stop believing the cop/K9 fairy tales, the sooner this problem can be dealt with and stopped.

  5. Barbara Webb says:

    Please find the dog. Don’t necessarily take it away from the adopter, but please make sure that everyone involved is safe.

  6. Carol Green says:

    Hopefully K9 Officer Ringo is NOW in a loving home. It’s obvious he didn’t receive any love from his shamed partner, Officer Carl Ellis.

  7. pennysdachshunds says:

    “Officer” Carl Ellis SHOULD NO LONGER work for the State of Mississippi in any capacity for ANY Law Enforcement Agency… What a complete and total BASTARD!!! How do you think he treats individuals he deals with, other agencies, his family (if they haven’t wised Up and Left the EGOTISTIC PUKE


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