Man died in icy pond

Young man died while trying to save dog from icy pond

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A young man in Indiana lost his life while trying to rescue his dog from an icy pond near his apartment in Indianapolis. According to multiple sources, the tragic incident happened on Monday near the Masters Apartments.

Witnesses to the tragedy

Witnesses reported seeing the man, in his 20s, go into an icy retention pond near the apartment complex – the man was attempting to reach his dog, but before he could finish his rescue mission, he slipped beneath the surface. Scott Filchak saw what was happening – he told the Fox 59 News:

“I throw it in park and I just run out there. He falls in when I’m maybe halfway between the road and the lake. I run out, kind of just slide onto ice. I try and pull myself as much as I can. I get out a certain ways then it starts to break.”

The dog

On Monday afternoon, the Indianapolis Fire Department noted that the dog survived the icy plunge into the pond:

12:02 PM – #IFD Divers make aggressive rescue of man from retention pond at The Masters Apts. after witnesses say he ran after his dog who’d run onto pond. Dog got out of water on own & ok as shown in photo – but tragically the man did not survive. 🙏 for the family

icy pond

On Saturday, a woman in Michigan died while trying to rescue her dog who fell through ice covered water during a walk. As in Monday’s tragedy, the dog survived, but the owner did not.

(Images via Pixabay free images and Indianapolis Fire Department FB page)

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So happy, just a week after being thrown away

Certainly this must be for me!


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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    My sincere condolences for this young man’s family and friends. He did what many of us would do if we saw our precious pet in danger.


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