Woman sentenced to prison for killing puppy

Woman who snapped puppy’s neck sentenced to prison time

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An Ohio woman, who snapped a young puppy’s neck in the midst of an argument, has been sentenced to time in prison. According to Monday’s Cleveland.com, 20-year-old Deanna Caraballo pleaded guilty to a felony charge of cruelty to a companion animal, and she has been sentenced to 12 months in prison.

The judge imposed the maximum sentence under Goddard’s Law for Caraballo’s cruel act which claimed the life of her boyfriend’s eight-week-old puppy last October. According to Fox 8 News, Caraballo is being given credit for the 123 days that she already served.

The puppy, named “Smokey,” was slammed to the ground by Caraballo in the midst of an argument with her boyfriend; the puppy’s neck was broken. Defense attorney, David Kraus, had asked the judge for a probation sentence for Caraballo rather than time in prison. Kraus stated, “This woman reacted and unfortunately the animal got in the way.” He added, “I don’t think this was the deplorable…act that the legislature was thinking about when they passed this law.

After Caraballo has served her time in prison, she will be under community control for up to three years.

(Screenshot via Fox 8 News)


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37 replies
  1. Star Shelley says:

    Her boy friend better drop this evil bitch real quick. I hope she has nightmares for the rest of her life. Poor Smoky RIP sweetie.

    • et says:

      Yes, they know they are defending the guilty, she may do harm to some child if let her stay on the streets, she needs more time, maybe she will think more about what she has done.

    • ellen cottone says:

      your post about defense attorneys heading to hell when the end comes is as usual..
      Like you are in any athority to judge an other person or their profession.

      This is how a defense attorney sleeps at nite.
      Soundly and with 2- beautiful babes. One under each arm. As usual you seem to be confused as to who is really in control and how little your outragiously stupid and tedious thoughts and opinions are.

  2. willie hines says:

    Dat drug using bitch should be shot , Another crack head lost her pipe . Rip puppy doe, enjoy prison DONT DROP THE SOAP

  3. Althea Armstrong says:

    Yay! She got some time, hope she gets anger management therapy, too. Next time it could be a child! RIP Smokey, too sad.

  4. Red says:

    Bull crap…. she through a temper tantrum and she murdered an innocent fur baby…. I understand she got the maximum sentence…. but it IS NOT ENOUGH!!
    The MINIMUM should be 5 YEARS in jail, $100,000 fine and life time ban on ever owning or LIVING in a home with a companion animal.

  5. lina sorrentino says:

    1to2 mos? Rediculous. Id kick that ugly bitches ass.she’d never get out. They need to make penalties much stricter than that. They don’t learn from that. 2 years is what they should of give. Me id give her a snpped neck back.

  6. maxiemom says:

    “Defense attorney, David Kraus, had asked the judge for a probation sentence for Caraballo rather than time in prison. Kraus stated, “This woman reacted and unfortunately the animal got in the way.” He added, “I don’t think this was the deplorable…act that the legislature was thinking about when they passed this law.”

    Too bad there’s not a course in Basic Humanity 101 in law school, or that this a*****e is just as bad a piece of pond scum as his client.

    ‘Mr.’ Kraus, this is EXACTLY what they were thinking when they passed the law. You, ‘Sir’, are a Grade A, #1 poop head.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    “I don’t think this was the deplorable…act that the legislature was thinking about when they passed this law.”? Really? If anything the sentence should be stiffer! She got mad at her “boyfriend” and killed an innocent 8 week old puppy! This POS deserves every bit of sentence they give her and her Attorney should serve it with her!

  8. Janie Ledergerber says:

    She will spend a year in jail. With any luck, there will be someone in there who doesn’t like people who hurt puppies. Maybe they will give her a demonstration of what they do to people who hurt puppies. How about carving “puppy killer” on her face?

  9. mike says:

    “The animal got in the way”? David Kraus you’re an asshole!!!!!! Sure blame the dog and not your POS client!

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    There is NO excuse for what this waste of flesh and blood did to an innocent animal – Deanna Caraballo is a prime candidate for the wood chipper and I hope the rest of her life is one of poverty, misery and a long painful suffering death – she so well deserves it.

  11. ellen cottone says:

    He He,
    Her Attorney did not think it was the deplorable act that legislators were thinking about when they passed a law.
    Hilarious. Its exactally who they passed a law against..
    Further more the judge knew when he sentanced the maxed she would be compleatly ruined. she cant get a dog or a job or a boyfriend. I think its awsome that she is branded for life for the heinious crime of throwing an infant family pet so hard to the ground it broke its neck.I hope the boyfriend gets a court order of protection.
    because any rage incident from here on in will mean real jail time. and with her murderious anger its only a matter of time.The system works. Too bad an innocent pup was terrified and then assulted then brutally killed all to expose a dangerious girl who will never understand rite from wrong.She needs to be taken away and put behind bars. Its only a matter of time.

  12. Marizol says:

    I have been praying and crying to God for month’s and I have been seeing my prayer’s met. It will come a day that their will be a law that you will get more prison time for such abuse. I believe it. Plz the same way that you could vent on here pray and join me in prayer’s. Not so long ago I woke uo and as soon as I opened my eyes the Holy Spirit told me “Pray for the Dogs now”! So, I know that my Fatger is hearing our prayer’s. Plz plz pray so, better laws could start getting signed. God bless all

    • ellen cottone says:

      Your prayers have been answered Marizol. Only you have been praying for the wrong thing . You misunderstood god for a moment. Prayer is one of the Great Power sorces we mortals have . But your a little confused. The victum prays for deliverance.
      But you are not the victume here Marizol.
      Here you are the saviour.
      God has been trying to direct you but you are not receiving his message.
      Prayer and action is the answer. You need to be very spacific with god the angels and saints. They sourround you and are just waiting for you to direct them in your quest to
      save…. A victum.

      Its what they do. they save all the time.
      Did you ever here the expression,
      It was not done by you
      it was done thru you? God , angels mary the saints
      they are sorrounding you each day secreatly waiting to help you, Litterally putting help in your path.
      but in order to make real change you have to get out their and use your powerful voice and action.

      You need to pitittion god for an oppertunity to be instermental in changing an animals life and also become active in animal rescue and start your animal rights political career. you must take action. You must pray for oppertunities that you can be a part of and make positive changes. The reason i am replying to your comment is because you show no signs of anger, violance, predjust and hate for another human beings.
      Only a person who is truely a good person inside and out can truely help others. Get your head together. Think what you can do today to help bring us to that day,
      When we dont have to worry anout our animal brothers and sisters

  13. Maria A Pantin says:

    Hope there a a lot of lady’s in the prison she in that love puppy’s, so she can feel what that inasence puppy felt.

  14. S says:

    Just look at the attitude on that face. No remorse. Sad that’s what is happening to our society who rather use drugs than have a good worth ethic and develops as a productive caring person. So dangerous for all of us if this is what society deems the acceptable!

  15. Pamela D'Angio says:

    This bitch needs her neck snapped instead of prison. I want to beat the shit out of this POS. What the hell did the puppy do to her that she took her anger out on this poor puppy. These laws are not strict enough. What they do to an animal needs to be done to me it is that plain and simple. Because this useless unhuman bitch couldn’t control herself the puppy had no life so this bitch deserves no life. Hope she gets tortured in prison and left to die.

  16. Bev Woodburn says:

    If I could get my hands on these psychopathic depraved animal murdering evil bitches they would be eradicated from our planet earth by snaping their vile and evil necks slowly.
    I pray the inmates will get to them and torture the evil animal torturing bitches making sure they die in agony.
    Just look at their vile and evil faces. Just the look of them proves what vile and evil bitches and monsters they are.
    Extermination from our planet is a must.

  17. Bev Woodburn says:

    Torture and kill these vile and evil psychopathic depraved POS animal torturing bitches (monsters).
    I pray the inmates get to them and torture these vile and evil bitches to death by making sure they suffer in agony.
    My heart aches for the precious and defenceless innocent puppy.
    RIP little fella.


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