tragic news released

Tragic news released after guide dog’s disappearance

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Tragic news has been released about a missing guide dog who disappeared in Almont, Michigan, earlier this month. The yellow Labrador retriever, named “Brinkley,” had been paired with her blind owner for just 10 days when something spooked her and she ran away.

On Monday, Leader Dogs for the Blind, the agency which trained the dog, released a statement that Brinkley’s body had been found, reported WXYZ News. 

The statement, which does not indicate how or why Brinkley died, reads:

It is with a heavy heart that we report that the body of Leader Dog Brinkley has been recovered. We would like to thank everyone, especially the Lost Dog Search Team of Michigan, for their tireless efforts in searching for Brinkley. Through this trying time those close to Brinkley have been comforted by the outpouring of support from both the Leader Dog and local communities.

We ask that the privacy of the Leader Dog client be respected during this time.

Brinkley had resided with her owner, Jackie McKeon, for just 10 days when she spooked while outside and ran away. The dog had been on a lead outside, but unbeknownst to McKeon, the tether had been damaged by a lawnmower – when the dog got frightened, she pulled out of the damaged lead and disappeared.

Rest in peace Brinkley.

(Image screenshot via WXYZ News)

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14 replies
    • Daniel Clarkson says:

      I’m wondering the same thing. I think that a necroscopy will be performed to ascertain the cause of death.

  1. Angela Corso says:

    Sorry, but my sympathy does not go with the owner of this dog, but to Brinkley. There is no room for this type of negligence with any dog. I hope that the dog did not die at the abuse of some horrible person. Please keep us updated on how Brinkley passed. Thanks. RIP BRINKLEY!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I am certainly not one to condone negligence but I’m also looking at the fact here that Brinkley’s mom is blind and probably couldn’t see the damage to the lead. I’m with you, I would like to know what ultimately happened to Brinkley to cause her death.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    How heartbreaking. To loose a valuable dog like this is just so sad. Rest in peace Brinkley, I’m so sorry this didn’t have a happy ending.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      We might want to look at the fact that the woman is blind and couldn’t see that the lead Brinkley was on was damaged. I don’t know if she has some back up “eyes” to watch for these things but you can’t fix what you cannot see. I guess it was a close call with a lawn mower that damaged the lead and scared poor Brinkley.


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