Drunken man shot his dog in the head after being bitten

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A Bushkill Township man faces animal cruelty charges for shooting his chained dog in the head after the animal bit him in the arm. Dean Anthony Tomsic was intoxicated when police arrived at his home on Monday, after a woman called authorities stating Tomsic threatened to burn down her home.

According to Lehigh Valley Live, the woman reported the drunk had shot his mixed breed dog named Lucky in the head. When police arrived, Tomsic, 56, had been staggering as well as slurring his speech; he had a cut on his left arm and stated the dog had bitten him and he “put an end to it.” He added the dog would never bite him again because he “shot the dog” dead with a rifle.

Lucky was found in the backyard with a gunshot wound to his head. The dog had been chained when shot and killed with a .243 Winchester rifle. Tomsic was arrested at the scene and has been charged with animal cruelty, making terrorist threats, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. He remains in the Northampton County Prison in lieu of $20,000 bond.

Rest in peace Lucky. One can only imagine how you had been treated when you bit your owner.

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  1. He had a cut on his arm, not a bite. Seems this idiot was too drunk to know the difference. He shot and killed an innocent dog. He, however, is NOT innocent and I hope he rots in prison.

  2. Poor Lucky! I hate to think of the hell he lived through when that beast was sober, much less when he was a drunken sot. I have no sympathy for drunks at all: you do nothing you wouldn’t do drunk you wouldn’t do sober. I wish the vile monster had resisted arrest.

  3. What a fucking braindead loser . Yes most likely that dog was abused more often than not, poor guy RIP. That fucker needs to go to jail before he shoots someone or something else. Let the inmates take care of him

  4. Poor Lucky, what a life he must have lead. This POS needs to stay in jail, I can’t imagine having him for a neighbor!

  5. Your dog doesn’t bite you for no reason. I would like to put a bullet through his head. Lock him up and throw away the key.

  6. L’emprisonnement est trop beau pour cet assassin, il faut le torturer et l’éliminer. Pas de pitié pour les sous merde.

  7. O Dean Anthony Tomsic – you are a friggin loser who hopefully will die a horrible painful and slow death under a filthy bridge and no one cares – you can just rot away – you deserve no more. Maybe you will run into some predatory inmates who make YOU the victim and give you a dose of your own medicine.


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