Dogs deemed dangerous after kid jumped a fence to get a ball

Three dogs deemed dangerous after attacking kid who jumped into their yard

A Utah family’s three dogs have been seized, placed into quarantine and deemed “dangerous” because they attacked a kid who jumped over a fence and into their yard. Lindsay Long, mother of the eight-year-old boy who hopped the fence to retrieve a wayward ball, told Fox 61 News that she is upset that the three dogs aren’t being punished further, she stated:

“[My son] went through so much trauma, and the fact that these animals are allowed to just stay there and are basically off the hook for attacking my son,”

Animal lovers have taken offense with Long’s viewpoint on the situation – after all, it was her child who jumped into a fenced yard, without permission. The dogs, who belong to Long’s neighbors, reacted to an intruder as most dogs would…they were protective and attacked.

The dogs’ owner will have to construct a six-foot kennel to keep the three dogs in whenever they are outside, and the dogs will now have to wear muzzles if they aren’t in the house, or in the kennel. Long doesn’t feel like that is enough.

Feel free to weigh in – what, if any, punishment would be suitable in this situation?

(Screenshot via Fox 61 News)

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131 replies
    • Della Reece says:

      Sorry the kid is at fault, the dogs were protecting their property, they are dogs, they don’t know it’s a child trying to get a ball, it’s up to his parents to teach him to respect dogs & other ppl.’s property!

    • BA says:

      UTAH REALLY????? they went to get a ball and couldn’t knock on the door???? it is 100% the kids fault and the parents have nerve trying to get these dogs punished – the NERVE OMG…there is a thing called a door bell – or knocking on a door or even calling yet none of that happened and they went onto private property AND THEY BLAME THE DOGS…..Just disgusting….these dogs are not at fault and should go home without this BS “dangerous dog” stigma or muzzles OMG

    • Becky says:

      The dogs did nothing wrong. Parents have a responsibility to teach their kids not to jump a fence where dogs are present, as they will protect their property. And it is not right to force the dog owners to muzzle their dogs when they are outside the house!

    • Felica says:

      Seriously ?? She says “ these animals are allowed to just stay there and are basically off the hook for attacking my son”

      YES! it is THEIR home and they were protecting it.
      Her son JUMPED a fence and went into THEIR YARD. She has the nerve to say the dogs are “off the hook” .. Sorry that happen to her kid but shes lucky he was “off the hook” and not have files pressed against them for TRESPASSING!!
      How unfair to punish these dogs and possibly put one to sleep over someone else’s MISTAKE.
      Remember The owners and the dogs were not at fault here. The boy and the mom were for not staying on their own property !!!! ????????

    • Dogs R Innocent says:

      Appropriate punishment? The kid should have to pick up trash around the neighborhood, clean up graffitti, and help with yard work at a community center or other public building because trespassing and being disrespectful of other people’s property is wrong.

    • New Mexico Glo says:

      I agree! If anyone should be punished, it’s the kid who was trespassing. Last time I checked, trespassing is still illegal!

  1. Judy says:

    I’m sorry, but this kid is totally at fault. He had no business being on private property without permission. This accident is not the dogs fault and should be able to protect their property. It’s what dogs do. The kid should be prosecuted for trespassing.

  2. Melanie says:

    Yes lady.. You need to keep your son under control..why would he hum over so me bodies fence n think thats OK..well I see.because the stupid mother has no sense either..when parent are ignorant ,so are the kids..smh..poor doggies.. I hope they get to go back home..

    • Gillian lauder says:

      I agree hope the mother is reading these comments , clearly she did not raise her son properly to knock on the door and ask . The owner would have said I will get it as my dogs are outside. Our animals laws are a joke the fault lay with the kid !

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Instead of knocking on the neighbor’s door and asking for the ball back, this kid jumps the fence and it’s the “dog’s” fault he gets hurt. Why don’t parents start taking responsibility for their kid’s actions? He was the one that shouldn’t have been there!. Instead teach your children to respect other people’s property and her son wouldn’t have gone through “so much trauma”. My kids were always taught to NOT go into someones yard unless invited!

    • Bunny Peters says:

      Agree with you 100+%!!!!!!!

      Common sense is not so common. If I were the dogs’ owner, I would go after those “entitled” neighbors for trespassing. That mother was negligent in not teaching her children to respect others (if she had this event would not have happened)……..

    • gbcubed says:

      The mother even acknowledges in interviews that she has told him never to go in that yard, yet he did and she still blames the dogs. smh

    • New Mexico Glo says:

      I totally agree with you Barkley’s Mom! My parents insisted we respect the property of others either the home, or belongings, and would never have defended our actions if we had done something like this! They would have seen it as a teachable moment, and offered to pay for any damages, if there were any, then had us work off the bill. Too many parents just refuse to discipline their children any more, or even acknowledge that their children do wrong sometimes. It’s a sad state of affairs…

  4. Leeca Overly says:

    Its sad that the boy was attacked, however the boy did jump a fence and went into their yard. I do not think that anything at all should be done to the dogs. I also believe that the dogs owner should not have to do anything, because he did have them secured in his yard on his property and the boy entered the yard without permission.

    • Carolyn Maertz says:

      EXACTLY! One of the reasons we have dogs is to protect and defend our property and family. They shouldn’t be punished for doing their job. The most the owner should have to do is post “BEWARE OF DOG” signs and maybe he already had them.

  5. Angela says:

    It’s brain dead idiots like this , is your iq in the minuses? , teach your child not to trespass on private property, people like you give this breed a bad name , no-one likes a child to get hurt , the fault is yours and his , at 8 they know better , the dogs should never of been took or have to ware a mussle, they’ve done nobt wrong accept protect there home , get s grip and go to some parenting classes!!!

  6. Kathleen Corte says:

    First of all her son should have gone and asked for permission to get the ball out of the yard the the dogs did exactly what dogs are supposed to do protect their property he should have asked permission he should have knocked on that lady store I said could you please get my dog ball out of your yard but no he just thought he jumped the fence and get it and I don’t think the dog should be punished like this having to wear muscles weather outside in their own yard she should have taught her some better to stay out of the somebody’s yard without going and asking permission you just don’t walk into somebody’s yard fenced in yard especially with dogs in it you have no idea what those dogs are going to do and if you jump over a fence they’re really going to think you’re going to be coming in and attacking his family so no the dog should not be punished the boys should be taught Hugh lessons in common courtesy

  7. Helen says:

    The kid was trespassing and the dogs were protecting their owner’s property. It’s not as if the dogs jumped the fenced and attacked the boy. It’s unfortunate the boy was attacked when he entered into the neighbor’s backyard, but I can’t fault the dogs. It doesn’t state whether the boy was badly hurt. I’m sure if the kid was seriously hurt, animal control would have taken the dogs.

    • Jodie Edmonds Urry says:

      We saw pictures if 3 pits attacked him he would have been so tore up.. When the first news clip came out, the boys mother said they dragged him across the yard. Then she jumped the fence and threw the boy back over fence. His injuries were more consistant with this story in my opinion. If they were in attack mode the mother would have also received injuries. I breed Rottweilers these bully breeds forget they are big and knock the kids down and play a little rough. Regardless these dogs were in there yard were they belonged. There is just no respect for others or property on any level anymore. This would be why we own big protective dogs.. I as a big dog owner would fight this decision and press charges for tresspassing. I would also request the child be leashed in back yard and kept away from my fence.????

      • Stacy Darlea says:

        Absolutely right Jodie!! 3 dogs in attack mode would have left WAY MORE serious damage. I feel bad for the kid, but ultimately he was in the wrong.

  8. Ivey says:

    I’m sorry, but the kid is totally in the wrong. That’s what doorbells are for. The mother is just stupid and obviously hasn’t taught her son not to tresspass. I think what they are asking of the dog owner is wrong. It’s his yard and it’s fenced!!

  9. Lynn says:

    The kid and mom need to be muzzled! You can’t blame a dog for defending it’s own property. My parents would have made sure I never did anything like That! Lack of parenting! The dogs should not have any punishment!

  10. Christina Dimitry says:

    The mother is at fault for not parenting her son and treaching hI’m not to go onto other people’s property. He also was never taught how to act around dogs. The dogs are not at fault and did exactly what they should have done. It is a shame they will have to be further confined and muzzled because of a stupid kid and bad parents.

  11. Angela Corso says:

    GET CONTROL OF YOUR KID!!! Again, another innocent animal being punished because a kids doesn’t follow the rules of his parents. I am thankful that the dogs are not being ordered down. Although, it’s still not right that the dogs are being held. I pray they get out soon. The pound is a terrible place for a dog who is used to a home.

  12. Darlene Larabee says:

    I agree with all the above. The dogs were NOT out of their yard. The kid was a INTRUDER. The dogs did exactly what they should have done! The dogs should NOT be punished, nor should the owners. I bet the kid will think twice before jumping another fence!

  13. Dianne M Kurtz says:

    The boy is at fault.From what I read,the kid’s parents told him to never go into the backyard to retrieve a toy.He was an intruder..he trespassed.How easy could have it been to go around and knock on the neighbors door??Not head.These dogs shouldn’t be punished.

  14. Carrie Ainsley says:

    Lindsay Long you should be ashamed of yourself. You aren’t doing your child any favors by absolving him and yourself of any responsibility for what happened to him – it was TOTALLY his and your fault. The dogs and the owner of the dogs should not be punished because you and your kid did the wrong thing. Maybe an investigation should be opened against you for not raising him right and keeping an eye on his whereabouts. He is 8, why on earth were you not watching him?

  15. Elizabeth Tish says:

    i’ll tell you my comment to the mother of the 8 year old…. I think her child should be made to apologize to the dogs owners, and remain in his own yard & not to leave it unless going to school or practice for trespassing on private property … AND pay for the high fence as well, since it was her childs fault

    • Karen Douglas says:

      Absolutely, Elizabeth. He is old enough to understand instructions and he disobeyed. Now he needs to pay the price. She is one of those “my kid never does anything wrong mothers.”

  16. Robin says:

    I am saddened that this child has been taught no respect and his ignorant mother thinks that it is perfectly exceptable. Those dogs did nothing wrong, they were right where they should be. This child was not. Shame on you, mom, for not teaching your son right from wrong. Your actions are teaching him nothing.

  17. Me' says:

    Mrs Long, you are right. Enough has not been done. You should bear all costs associated with the expenses the dog owners have to go through. You should bear all costs for medical care for your son. You should bear all costs associated to the dog wners, family for any medical care they nay need. You should bear ALL COSTS since it was YOUR SON WHO TRESPASSED ON PRIVATE PROPERTY. Come to think of it, you should bear all costs associated with repairing the neighbors fence if damaged

    • Mark says:

      So true. Dogs were fenced in on private property and the child trespassed. Had the dogs been roaming free and attacked her son that would be a completely different situation.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      Agree with you 100+%!!!

      She is a terrible parent and has a lot of nerve complaining when her “entitled” brat was a trespasser….. If she had been a good parent, this event would not have happened…..

      She should face charges and bear ALL expenses related to this incident…..

  18. Carolyn Buck Allen says:

    I’m sorry that this boy was attacked, however, the dogs were just protecting their property. After all, the boy jumped over THEIR fence to get a ball that the dogs would not know belonged to the boy. All the dogs knew was that this boy was coming into THEIR territory. I think the owners of the dogs is being ordered to do enough. People must learn that they cannot just trespass onto other people’s property no matter what the reason without the property owner’s permission. Case closed.

  19. Linda Jacobs says:

    I have a similar situation at my home. I put a notice in the front window and put locks on my gates. Kids used my yard for a short cut to get to a school.

    This kid had no business on someone else’s property without the owners permission. The child needs to be prosecuted for trespassing.

  20. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    The kid should NEVER have jumped the fence. He should have asked for the ball from the Owners. I feel it was the kids fault!!

  21. Cynthia Como says:

    While I feel bad for the kid,HE TRESSPASSED!! Maybe this mom should take some responsibility for what this kid did and if he was taught some manners he would of knocked on the door and asked permission to get his ball!! If the mom is unhappy with her neighbors…..MOVE! So relieved they didn’t kill the dogs!

  22. Charlotte says:

    Teach your child that a fence means private property,the dogs were on their property and your child was trespassing,how can you complain when you are at fault for not teaching your child some common sense?

  23. Anna Varrecchia Magee says:

    Lady you have some set of balls accusing these dogs of being dangerous when you kid was trespassing. What did you expect he jumped into their yard on their property! So if people do want to get dogs to protect themselves it’s their fault when someone trespasses? Trust me if these dogs really wanted to hurt your son they would have done a lot worse. They were only protecting their property! So the dogs should pay for ignorance? Wrong! Very wrong~

  24. Janice Wolbach says:

    Not the dogs fault… now the dogs have to wear muzzles when they are on their own property. The dumb ass kid was wrong. Why make the dogs suffer?

  25. Pamela D'Angio says:

    The kid is old enough to know not to jump in a yard with the dogs there protecting their home. Nothing should happen to the dogs it is the kid’s fault. I am sick and tired of humans quickly wanting to blame the animals. No matter if it is the humans fault, which is almost all the time, the animals get the blame. Leave the dogs alone and the lady needs to quit saying how much crap her son went through and so did the dogs.

  26. Milli Doyle says:

    I am sorry the kid was hurt, but it’s not the dogs fault when the kid came into their yard uninvited. I tell my neighbors and their visitors please do not stick your hands in my fence unless I am there I do not know how my dogs will react.

  27. Scott Avnaim says:

    The kid was in the dog’s yard and didn’t belong there. That’s no different then shooting an intruder in your house. I blame the parents who didn’t teach their kid any better.

  28. Tammy says:

    How about hold the parents and the kid accountable for their actions? Their son was trespassing. End of story. This kid did it to himself and now the dogs have to pay the price for it? They did nothing wrong! NOTHING! I would fight this in court till the bitter end. They were on THEIR PROPERTY….the kid did not belong there. What happened to knocking on the neighbors door and asking for the ball back? This mother needs to get her head out of her ass and stop blaming the dogs. Her son’s actions did this. Not the dogs.

  29. Ann Dolak says:

    Prosecute the kids mother for neglect& child endangerment for not teaching him common sense& to not tresspass on private property!

  30. Tammy says:

    So angry I could spit!!!!!! Dumb Neighor idiots.
    Teach your kids to respect others property !!!
    They only learn it if parents teach them!

  31. Christine Brown says:

    the dogs were doing their job. the child should had not intruded and climbed over the fence to retrieve his ball in the first place. So the dogs should not be punished

  32. J. Martin says:

    Wow .. splendid parenting skills at work here. You don’t believe teaching your idiot kid to have respect for other people’s property? Courtesy not all too important with you? Manners .. unimportant and not an issue .. because your brat is “special” and doesn’t have to follow any such things as those? Tell you what Lady!!! MAYBE .. if you were actually .. I don’t know .. watching your stupid kid. You could have said .. go ask permission to get it. Instead of doing what ever crap you were doing. You both knew your neighbor had dogs .. correct? NO??? Too bad .. you live near them and should have known that they had pets (3 of them yet).
    You kid was traumatized? Hell .. he shouldn’t have hopped the fence then he would be suffering trauma. You’re lucky it was the dogs putting a scare to him (and lucky he wasn’t mauled to shreds .. or worse your neighbor shooting an intruder on their property). Don’t blame the dogs for protecting their home & territory. Put the blame where it actually is .. on your ignorant son and yourself. Teach him properly to show courtesy & show respect for others & their property and perhaps this won’t happen to him.

  33. Shawna says:

    I say good dogs. What the hell!!!!!!! Why was the kid jumping into yards for? Nothing good I will say. Why isnt the kid in trouble? Why why why. What happened to prtecting your private property? Poor kid my but. Poor dogs protecting the family from harm and they are in trouble. Shame on the world. No wonder it is going to Hell quickly. Sad America we live in now.

  34. Chastity Sisk says:

    The dogs are not at fault, the kid jumped a fence, he was trespassing,, he should have went to the neighbors door and knocked,, dogs will protect their home,, the parents of the kid should be arrested for child neglect, why were they not outside watching their young child. If they would have been outside their child would have not trespass on someone’s property. Let the dogs go home. And if something happens to the dogs we know who did it.

  35. Teer says:

    The kid that jumped the fence needs to have a leash put on him that will keep him from entering his neighbors yards. The parents of said child need to pay the neighbors expenses incurred by the ignorance of their child raising abilities.

  36. yvette marty says:

    What if the owner shot her son thinking it was an intruder. The dogs should not be held responsible for protecting their home. The parent needs to take responsibility for not teaching her son better.

  37. Michelle Richmond says:

    The dogs were protecting their property and the child was where he shouldn’t have been. Period. The mother needs to take responsibility for her own negligence in this situation and stop blaming the dogs.

  38. Doug says:

    What kind of a kid are they raising? He trespasses onto private property and the mother the dogs defending it? I’m kind of appalled at the local government who is placing the blame on the dogs and labeling them for doing what any good dog would by defending the owners property. If this kid is jumping fences at 8, how is he going to act at 18 when he might very easily get shot or arrested for doing so. Would she blame that on the property owner too? Sad that the child got hurt, but if his parents would have taught him to respect other people property and to respect a dogs territory he wouldn’t have been hurt. I hope he heals quickly and his parents get held responsible.

  39. maria says:

    This lady needs to teach her son not to jump into anybody’s yard without permission. The dogs did nothing wrong.

  40. DMA says:

    What punishment further??? How about teaching the kid boundries!!!! and the mother responsibility!!!! This is NOT the dogs fault. If this had been a dangerous intruder, they would be heroes. They don’t know the difference, and why should they???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This kid is going to grow up feeling fully entitled, lacking responsibility or the understanding of how to truly respect any living soul or their property. Good job mom!!!

  41. Leala says:

    NOT THE DOGS FAULT! If it were any other breed of dog, they wouldn’t have seized the dogs, yet almost all other breeds would do the same thing, protect their yard! The kid trespasses. I was taught never to enter anyone’s property without permission..Totally kid and parents fault. Dogs and owners should have no punishment! Get a lawyer!

  42. Patricia Mccaskill says:

    The dogs were in their yard as they were supposed to be. The boy was trespassing!!! Why was a young child allowed to run around unsupervised? The mother of said child is trying to bring more punishment down on the innocent dogs. CPS should give her a talking to about monitoring her child and teaching it to not be entering other people’s property. Leave the dogs alone!!!!

  43. Alex says:

    This makes me so mad! This damn kid trespassed and the dogs get punished! What kind of justice is that!? The parents of the kid should be punished for not teaching the kid not to trespass and leave the poor dogs alone they just did what they supposed to do, keeping their home safe! What the hell is wrong with this judges ? kids can now get away with everything and homeowners (in this case the dogs) get punished ?! Ridiculous!!!!

  44. Linda Szymoniak says:

    The child was trespassing. A fence means you are supposed to stay out. I have dogs, and the boys next door to us used to lose their basketball and other things over our fence all the time. I’ll be honest – I was more worried about them letting the dogs out of the yard when they came through the gate, but I spoke with their parents and the boys always rang my doorbell and made sure it was okay (or I’d get the ball for them). Again, my dogs are friendly, loving dogs, but I don’t know how they’d react if a child jumped our fence to retrieve a lost ball. Better safe than sorry. I would hope a parent would teach this to their children. So, the child’s parent is actually the one mostly at fault. I think the dogs are getting TOO much as far as restrictions. I’m sorry the kid got hurt, but he had no business going into another person’s property.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      You are 100+% correct.

      I had the same conversation with my neighbors (they have 4 sons who are always knocking balls into my yard). I am always getting asked to retrieve their toys.

      I prefer to retrieve the toys as we have a remodeling project (dangerous construction zone). I won’t allow anyone in our yard during this project.

      My advice to the dog owners is get an attorney and sue the kid’s parents for trespassing and financial damages…….

  45. Donna says:

    Hi everyone, no child should tresspas on any property. Period. I do feel bad for the child because the child should have been educated by his parent/parents to always first knock on someones door and ask permission to enter someones property or ask the owner if they could get his ball for him. The responsible dog/s owner built a fence on their property to keep the dogs off the street and keep people they dont know off their property. There is a law against trespassing. Keep your children safe by Educating your children.

  46. NANCY says:

    That mother needs to take RESPONSIBILITY for the kids actions as well as the kid. ASK before going onto anyone’s property especially if you know they have dogs. The dogs owners shouldnt have to DO anything – or let the mother pay for the kennel = its absurd and beyond common sense.

  47. Deneen says:

    The dogs were on private property. The boy should be taught to respect other people’s property and not only is the boy at fault but also the mother. She is teaching him that a person can go where ever they would like and have no regard for personal property. The dogs were kept in an enclosed yard. No person has a right to enter without permission. Leave the dogs alone (if the owner has had no previous problems with the dogs outside of the property) and maybe hold a small seminar for the neighborhood or city that teaches people/children to be respectful and responsible for others property, property rights and proper animal protocol.

  48. Lyn says:

    If a burglar or terrorist, a rapist, a gang of thugs had jumped the fence to get into the family’s property to cause harm, and their dogs had attacked them, this story would be about HERO dogs… the dogs cannot discern who intends to do harm and who does not intend to do harm. The dogs were doing their job. It’s too bad the child was not taught to be proactive and ask the property owner first about the ball, so that the property owner could put his dogs up and retrieve the ball for the kid. It’s a hard learning experience for the kid, and has an awful outcome for the dogs, who were simply expressing what we expect of dogs when the situation warrants.. protection.. guarding.

  49. Marina Trofin says:

    What the heck was doing that young piece of shit in somebody’s backyard?
    The dogs were protecting their property, and they did a good job!
    Unfortunately not everybody sees it like that! Humans are heartless, monsters, they rather defend a little scum bag who had no job to jump in another backyard, than to look deeper in the situation: these dogs are not at all dangerous, people are more dangerous than these dogs!
    Return them to their family, and make responsible the parents of this f…g piece of garbage!

  50. Cricket LaMay says:

    People need to realize the difference and stop calling this an ‘attack’. It was nothing of the sort. I work in rescue and fostering and have been in the center of an ‘attack’. That boy has scratches and punctures from nails. Either too long of nails or ones recently clipped so they have rough edges. Three large dogs, of any breed, in an attack, would have literally torn that boy apart. The area of scratches on back and head are most likely from the dogs wanting to play. Dogs don’t know how ‘big’ they are, and most likely knocked him down. The 3 of them jumping around “to play” caused those injuries. Seriously people… have you ever SEEN a dog attack, especially with 3 dogs in on it. He would have huge bites everywhere. Especially by the time it took mom to get outside and over the fence. AND, if they were “attacking”, how is it mom threw her son over the fence and never got a scratch, totally unscathed. His parents claim they told him time and again to NOT go into that yard. He did anyway. Perhaps better parenting is needed. Now, the dogs are paying the price.

  51. says:

    Kids are STUDIP nowadays!
    Over protetive parents are fighting all the battles for these kids. Kids are no longer being taght to respect anyone or anything because “Mommy will make ne right”

  52. Kristi says:

    Yet again I think the public/lice are being blinded by the fact that the dogs are pit bulls. These dogs are acting like any other dog would have done if they felt threatened….this 8yr old CHILD had been told not to go on the neighbors property but did it anyway after being left unsupervised. Where is the punishment for the parent? What if the child had run into the street after the ball and been hit by a car….would we prosecute the driver then? Once again no justice!

  53. Nancy Raymond says:

    Every one of these posts is correct – the dogs were protecting their property and this kid intruded – apparently this mother never bothered to teach this child manners – he should have gone to the neighbor’s home and told them about the ball, not just climbed over the fence – since they are next door neighbors they KNEW there were dogs there – apparently, this made no difference to authorities – and as usual, the dogs are punished for being dogs. This mother is the guilty party – not watching her kid, and her lack of parenting.

  54. Betty says:

    Will that because their pit bulls
    They were any other dogs it would be OK
    Shame on you lady for having the pups to go through all that now
    Because you didn’t teach your son not to trespass and don’t cry what your son going through
    He know what he did was wrong and you do too.

  55. Clare says:

    My child know not to go onto other people property. So wrong that the dogs who are protecting their property will suffer the consequences. I feel sorry for child but if the dogs had stopped a burger they would be called heroes, but now are being called dangerous

  56. D circi says:

    I am sorry the boy was injured but the dogs were in their fenced yard and he entered their territory. The boy should have rung the neighbor’s doorbell instead of jumping the fence. Were his parents were monitoring their child?

  57. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Quand il y a un problème avec un chien, on dit que s’est la faute du propriétaire parce qu’il ne doit jamais laisser son chien sans surveillance. Quand il s’agit de quelqu’un qui pénétre dans un jardin ou il y a un chien alors qu’il n’est pas invité, c’est encore de la faute du maître et du chien.
    Moi je dis que les parents ne devrait pas laisser leurs enfants sans surveillance sous peine d’être responsables des conséquences de leurs négligence.
    Les chiens n’ont pas à subir l’irresponsabilité des parents.
    Mettre à jour SVP.

  58. Siobhan says:

    Yes, more needs to be done. The mother needs to teach her child not to jump over fences. And that if her child does something stupid there are consequences. Dogs that are startled protect their home.

  59. LYNN says:

    EVERYONE PLEASE WRITE TO VOICE YOUR OPINION, IT MAY SAVE THESE DOGS LIVES! Davis county animal care and control 1422 E 600 N, fruit heights Utah 84037. THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON US!

  60. Vicki says:

    So, what is the formal punishment for the boy trespassing? And for causing a disturbance? His mommy needs to think about that, and so do his neighbors.

  61. Richard says:

    Lady I suggest you teach your kid respect and some manners. All I have to say is your very lucky it was not my yard otherwise you would be running your mouth off to my attorney. Keep your brat in your yard…..

  62. Ashley Winters says:

    This is messed up the boy went in to THEIR yard it was all on him for going in the yard when he was not suppose to the dogs protected their yard nothing more maybe the mom should be watching her child and it wouldn’t have happend

  63. Sharon says:

    The kid should be held accountable for his actions. Charged with Tresspassing and should have to volunteer at a shelter.

  64. Kathleen Drude says:

    Its real simple you enter my yard with no permission while my dogs are outside you will be bitten! There is no argument that you can make other than its the fault of that kid! His parents should be the ones who are being dragged thru the courts because that kid trespassed into the neighbors yard! Im here to tell you my lawyers would be all over this!

  65. Brittany Reed says:

    Maybe you should have taught your son to stay off other people’s property, especially their backyards where he certainly wasn’t invited and that’s usually where people let’s their dogs be, because it’s a safe haven, or suppose to be. Dogs did their job and protected their property. You as a parent would sit there and tell me, if this was flipped that if I can into your backyard, a total stranger, clearly uninvited, no idea of my intentions, that you wouldn’t protect your property, your family? Just as these dogs did? If you would say no, I would call total bullshit because anyone would. These dogs don’t deserve to die because your lack of parenting to your child.

  66. Pauletta says:

    What happened to the boy was horrible. Thank God his mom heard the commotion and saved him period however the mom even says she has told her child not to go into that backyard under any circumstances. I don’t see how the dog owners or the dogs can be punished for someone going into their yard.

  67. Larry says:

    Im truly sorry a child was harmed.
    It only makes sense; Parents teach your children to- ask before they act& be respectful of neighbors& property.
    Where was a parent/adult when this kid thought it was a good idea to jump over a fence into a yard where 3 dogs live?

  68. liaa says:

    The fault lies with the child and the Child’s family. They all knew that the neighbor has dogs.They all knew that the chlld was never given permission to be in that yard..So why did he do it?Because of a ball…why didn’t he go ask the neighbor to get it for him or just get another one..This is a b.s situation where these animals were put in a horrible position because of a child’s lack of respect for others “private” property.. An that also lies fault with the parents. They should have taught him that.An these people are showboating over the whole matter… Hmm something is very wrong with this whole thing..An BTW if these animals wanted to kill him they could have.. To me this may have been a warning attack.. These were actually good dogs.

  69. DeBord-Raynor says:

    People should be watching their kids.. It isn’t the dog’s fault that the kid wandered into their space.. I think if animals have to be on leashes and chains and so such.. then the same should go for kids.. Most would say..”OMG, that’s so cruel!!”..but is it not cruel to chain a dog up in the yard, most of the time way away from the house, and leave it there for all weather conditions and no attention or love?? That’s one of the cruelest things ever!! At least these dog parents had a fenced in area for them to run in instead of the above mentioned… I hope and pray that this kid’s mom sees what an idiotic POS she is being acting in such a manner that would, quite frankly, be an embarrassment to me if I were her child. That kid needs to taught boundaries, and if he can’t, then CPS needs to be dialed up and a welfare check done on her family. My parents never had this problem..if we weren’t supposed to go somewhere..they let us know..and if we went anyway, we got our ass busted and grounded…period. Parents today want to throw the blame on everyone else when their children act up..this bandwagon mom is no different.. Grow up and take responsibility for your kid, lady.. Geeez.. It’s just SICKENING that these precious, innocent babies are punished for trying to protect THEIR family.. Ugh!! I hate the human race ???? May God Bless these precious babies and keep them safe from the ignorance and stupidity of man (or psychotic moms), Please Lord, Amen ???? ❤????????????

  70. aimyr cruz says:

    Many times we blame the dogs being innocent we must be fair and realize that they are intelligent but their coefficient does not give them to differentiate who is going to attack their house or who is going to visit or just pick up their ball if the child Enter the door they would not have attacked they were only defending their home is not that they are neither fierce nor dangerous analyze well what there is is q teach the children to respect the property of others because I teach my children and came to this Parents with 7 and 11 years of age and were never able to invade the property of the neighbor to look for balls they called the neighbor for him to be returned that mother who picks up his son and teaches him how it should be and that this more pending Of his son and that serves him lesson these dogs are innocent

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Cricket LaMay above made the case (and it makes a lot of sense) that was this really an “attack” to begin with? I saw the pictures of the kid’s wounds and they look more like scratches, most likely from three dogs that thought the kid was there to “play” with them. The kid probably was jumped on, knocked down after he started running and screaming and they pounced on him. Watch dogs play that’s what they do. As she stated, had the kid been “mauled” there wouldn’t have been anything left for the mother to throw over the fence, and why wasn’t she bitten? So I really question the “mauling” aspect of this at all. These poor dogs are being punished enough, when the kid was the one that was in the wrong here and his mother demanding they be punished more is disgusting. She should be doing something about her son who jumped a fence into a yard he was told NOT to enter and I think she owes an apology to the dog’s owner! Had the dogs been the ones to jump the fence then she might have a case but they were in THEIR yard, until her son intruded on THEM.

  71. Debbie says:

    The mother told the kid to not go into the yard, maybe she should have paid attention to her kid or kid should have gone over and rang the door bell to get the ball back. I smell a lawsuit.

  72. Red says:

    If a pet is IN THEIR yard, they SHOULD NOT be restrained or muzzled. The kid who jumped into someone else’s property needs to be taught what trespassing means…… AND that it is actually ILLEGAL to trespass.
    I say OK to the six foot fence…but IT IS NOT OK to muzzle or chain a dog in THEIR YARD!!! That is total BS. This woman is just attempting to find a way to sue and get some money out of the situation….. that is it!

  73. Diane says:

    Disrespectful parents teach their kids to disrespect others!! If there are no rules in the home then the child runs lawless in public. What ever happened to trespassing​ rules. I have a hard time walking into my neighbors unfenced yard never mind jumping a privacy fence!!! Parents these days are setting very bad examples for tomorrow’s youth! Dogs are dogs, the boys lucky he didn’t get shot. Let the dogs off the hook and make the kid do community service by picking up dog poop around town!!! MAKE THE PARENTS APOLOGIZE TO THE DOGS OWNER!!!

  74. Roberta Taylor says:

    The “authorities” need to check themselves here. I’m serious. Did they not see the movie “Max”???
    Evil humans are almost always the problem when animals are blamed!

  75. Sherry says:

    I can’t believe that the dogs and their owner are being penalized. Dogs are supposed to protect their own yard/home from intruders. They were just protecting their home. Dangerous? Give me a break! GOOD DOGS. Boy should know better than to climb over a fence to retrieve a ball. How’s about go to the neighbors door and knock. I know he is a kid and I never want to see anyone get hurt…but it’s obvious who was minding their own business in their own back yard and saw this clearly as an intruder. Why punish the dogs and owner???what the hell goes on in the backasswards country, I do not know!

  76. Kathy A Dottery says:

    If I did that , after all this my parents would have also punished me for going into my neighbors yard without permission. Lazy parenting blaming everything but the lousy job she did at being a responsible parent

  77. Crystal Ann Bordner says:

    He was not attacked had he been attacked he would have been torn to shreds. Most bully dogs will jump when excited and wanting to play. However that being said all of this could have been avoided had the child not trespassed when he had been told by his parents and the neighbor not to go into that yard. If anything the child and the parents of that child should be held accountable.

  78. Jeanne Whipple says:

    If these same dogs had attacked a murderer coming over the fence they would be considered hero’s. I wonder how the dogs would know the difference.

  79. Rick Mohammed says:

    The children who illegally entered the property should be charged and jailed as youth offenders and the parents fined. If the dogs did not leave their own yard they did nothing wrong. America sucks if the let the children off and let that bad parent off the hook.

  80. Faith Sperry says:

    1) child trespassed to a fenced yard
    2) mother is saying what happened when son hopped the fence but also mentions she didn’t know he hopped until she heard a commotion therefore lying
    3) your supposed to supervise children when outside, especially if another child that isn’t yours is on your property (she mentions her son playing with a friend)
    4) why doesn’t she have any marks if the dogs are so dangerous.
    Last but not least, you can have up to 3 animals (dogs or cats in any combination as long as one has come from a legitimate animal shelter) as said in section 6.12.060 of the code of ordinances for Davis county of Clearfield Utah.

    She could easily be charged with trespassing and inadequate child supervision/supervisory neglect


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