Teenager observed swinging dog by the neck with a leash

teenager swings dog by leash in disturbing video
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A disturbing video, which shows a teenage girl swinging a small, white dog by the neck with a leash, was recently posted to Facebook. The shocking video, showing the helpless dog twirling from the end of its lead, quickly began circulating on social media, sparking outrage from disturbed viewers, reported Tuesday’s publication of The Sun.

The RSPCA has instigated an investigation into the situation and the video has since been removed by Facebook – it is believed that the girl in the video is a 14-year-old teenager from the Devon town of Bovey Tracey.

The dog in the video appears dazed at after landing back on his feet – no word on the dog’s current condition.

The RSPCA has asked that anyone with information about the situation reach out to them at  0300 123 4999.

Click here to see the video on the Daily Mail site.

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  1. Do we get to swing her in circles?? Something SERIOUS has to happen to these “kids” in order for them to think twice about doing something like this. Damn their age. They have brains, or at least they should, and they know right from wrong.

  2. I want to wrap a rope around this low life kid’s neck and swing her around. It’s apparent her parent never taught her to respect the family pet or any other living beings.

  3. OMG!! Sickening,a animal abuser in the making!! I really would love to know the where about dog this poor dog and if it’s ok! I bet this isn’t the first time this poor little dog has been subjected to mistreatment! Little psycho!

    • It’s just a dog and he’s just a teenager nothing more than that kids act out all the time and many of the times they do it’s because they’re bored or trying to gain attention on social media. My cousins daughter used to abuse dogs at the age of 5 she jabbed toy Wands into their eyes until they yelped out in pain but nothing was done about it because her mother didn’t feel like hearing her daughter complain about being punished for an act she got caught doing so they let her get away with it. Years later she is still doing cruel things to her pets and her mother refuses to punish her for it she even bragged about her actions against her pets over the phone to me at one time. She intentionally let her guinea pig die in its own waste in its cage because she said she got bored of it so she let it starve to death and die in its own urine and excrement. I seriously doubt this teenager is a criminal just because he swang his dog around on its leash the animal wasn’t in any sort of distress nor was it yelping so I wouldn’t worry about it people buy harnesses that attach like a collar on a dogs neck I know because one of my relatives has one for her little dog yall are just wasting your time bitching and throwing a pissy fit over some random kid that none of you all even know. I personally feel bad for this teenager because for him to be doing this sort of thing something must be wrong at home where he lives I suspect that a parent or guardian is abusing him and he’s taking his anger out on the dog because he’s angry and hurt that one of the two are abusing him and he cannot do a thing to stop it. “ don’t judge someone unless you walk a mile in their shoes “ 👟

  4. This punk bitch needs to hogtied and dumped in the nearest landfill – let her see what its like to be abused – I’d be glad to do the honors but I don’t live there.

  5. Every time you see a teen that does a good deed, you see 4 that do something like this. Are they so bored with life that doing heinous acts and posting them on Facebook for the world to see is all they can do with their miserable lives? I fear for our upcoming generation. Many seemingly have NO compassion for living beings. If they did they wouldn’t be doing things like this!.

  6. I agree wth Louise.If Id seen this happen that girl wouldve been arrested, her parents called & i would have taken the dog!

  7. She probably has done this before and other things she thinks is amusing. I hope when they find out who she is the dog will be removed from his/her home.


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