Teen arrested – online video shows her striking dog with frying pan

Teen accused of hitting dog with frying pan
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A teen in Calhoun, Georgia, was arrested after a video showing her allegedly striking a dog with a frying pan was posted to social media. According to Monday’s Fox 5 News, the local authorities were alerted to the concerning situation by the mother of the accused, who is identified as 19-year-old Alyssa Duval.

According to 11 Alive News, Duval attacked the family dog because it had urinated on the floor, and allegedly bit her. The video in question was uploaded to Facebook and viewed over 770,000 times.

The video evidence resulted in Duval’s arrest and a charge of animal cruelty – she has already been released after bond was posted. The dog in question did not have any injuries which were visible to the sheriff’s deputies.

(Booking photo)

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  1. OMG!! More and more brutal females are joining the ranks of the brutal males among us that have ZERO care,concern and compassion for companion animals and it’s frightening!! Again it all comes down to our HORRIBLE laws!! Local,state and federal government continue to turn a blind eye to this ever growing problem! Ignoring this horrible crime of animal cruelty will not make it go away it only continues to make it flourish! I’m very alarmed that this poor dog wasn’t taken out of this dangerous home,this girl is a danger to anything living thing that is helpless and vulnerable at the young age of 19! If she has children God help them!!! So glad her Mom turned her in because she is a menace to us all!!

    • Its not the laws but the pitiful excuse of prents who fail to instill compassion, empathy, kindness and respect into their offspring. Perhaps parents should be arrested for negligence of duty…

  2. Cette petite connasse devrait être condamnée sévèrement, ne plus jamais posseder d’animaux et qu’on me la laisse 5 minutes je vais lui apprendre la vie.

  3. So who is making a video of this instead of stopping this POS abuse the dog? Your mother must be so proud! Alyssa Duval is NO teen she is a grown up and better not get a pass for this because her age begins with a 1. Lets hope this evil POS never has children!

  4. This probably isn’t the first time she abused the family dog. I have a cast iron frying pan just waiting to hit her with.

  5. Dogs have accidents! If they are older, have health issues it happens. You don’t hit them with anything! You clean up the urine and your done! Then you take them out so they can finish going! No problem, this female needs someone to hit her in the head with a frying pan!

  6. If the dog wasn’t evaluated by a vet; how does anybody know the injuries? Why is the dog still in that house?? U people down there r completely nuts! This teenager should be charged to the extent of the law! End of story for that bitch! Why is the dog still in that violent home? These idiots have no idea on how to toilet train a poor defenseless baby!!

  7. She’s a total bitch who needs a beating with a frying pan! How dare she do that to an older doggie she needs to beat beaten up and good! I’ll do it just give me a frying pan and I’d be glad to what a bitch! I hate all animal abusers!

  8. Do we really want this disturbed ???? person in our general public showing all tendencias towards doing further damage a person that is devoid of human emotions pure evil ????

  9. Mom needs to oust that loser to see just how rough life is! If she doesn’t then she should rehome the dog for its safety! If mom bailed her out SHAME ON YOU,you missed a great teaching moment!

  10. where is the dog? back at that house? this POS needs mental help – hope she stays locked up calls need to be made by everyone…OMG what a disgusting sub human

  11. I hope Alyssa Duval does not live to see 20. Her actions towards an innocent animal are deplorable – it is obvious no one trained this dog and he gets hurt for human stupidity. May he get a safe loving home w/responsible people.

  12. Hope this useless excuse for a human gets thrown into jail for many years. She should be hit with $100,000 fine… and banned from ever living in the same home as a pet.


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