Senior dog has lost her family

Tearful daughter pleads for help for senior dog her parents can no longer keep

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Update – Adopted!

Family circumstances have forced a beloved, senior dog to be surrendered to a busy animal control agency in California. The dog, nine-year-old “Katana,” was surrendered to the Los Angeles County Animal Services facility in Downey on February 8 by the daughter of ailing parents who could no longer keep her.

The heartbreaking situation was explained in a Facebook post:

This beautiful 9 year old girl is loved and cherished by a family who can no longer keep her. In tears a daughter of ailing parents pleads to Downey Staff and volunteers to help her parents dog. Her parents are in and out of the hospital and can’t care for Katana like they use to.

Katana has lost her family and now she is reliant upon the kindness of strangers. Please take a moment to share this lovely senior dog’s adoption information and help her find somewhere safe to go.

(Photo via Facebook)

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Watch a foal fall in here for sweet video.

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  1. Ivey says:

    I’m sorry. I truly feel sorry for the aging and ill parents….but why didn’t the tearful daughter or another family member step up?! I took my dad’s cat when we had to put him in a nursing home. Maybe the parents health will improve, then what?

      • Peggy says:

        Please be kind you don’t know all o the circumstances and you ripping into this family does not get this dog into a home. Can you take the dog? Then don’t complain when somebody else doesn’t have the means or place to do so.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        No we don’t know all the facts, No I can’t take this family’s dog, I have 4 of my own one is a Beagle that a family member couldn’t keep and was going to the shelter so she is now with me. That being said, my sister has two American Eskimo’s should something happen to her and they need a home then I will have 6 dogs, I would never let a family member’s dogs go to a kill shelter. If I couldn’t keep them then they would stay with me until I found a good home for them. You don’t abandon your family’s pets!

      • Sage Tovero says:

        I wouldn’t want to see a family member’s pet surrendered to a shelter if they were no longer able to care for them (or if they passed away). But, the reality is some people don’t live in a place that allows pets or the place they are living in has size and breed restrictions or they have a limited income and can’t afford the several hundred dollar non-refundable pet fee and the additional $50 per month pet rent and/or they have limited income and can’t afford quality food & vet care or they have allergies. If your landlord has a “no pet policy”, realistically, how can you sneak a dog or cat into your rental unit without facing eviction? I currently care for 5 indoor pets – 2 are mine (1 was a barn kitten who nearly died of a severe respiratory infection and 1 was adopted from a rescue), 1 was abandoned when his owner moved and left him behind, 1 was relinquished when someone in his household developed allergies, 1 was homeless when his owner’s landlord said no pets. If a family member is unable to take in a pet for a relative, is it better to have that pet euthanized?

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Before I feel all sorry for these people I would like to know what the “tearful daughter’s” story is. She couldn’t take the dog herself? She couldn’t reach out to elderly dog rescues? Instead she turns the poor dog into “Downey” most likely a death sentence. I hope and pray this beloved pet Katrina finds a new home, I will be sharing and praying for her.

  3. linda says:

    Such a heartbreaking story. I wish the daughter had searched for a loving home for Katana instead of dropping her off at a shelter.

  4. Darby says:

    I don’t fell any compation to this daughter. If she love her parents that much she should love her dog as well. There is NOT SO EVER NO EXCUSE at all for her to cry and dumped the poor dog in high kill shelter. Those are fakes tears . Just to show people that she is nice and so no one will blame her for her actions. She is so rude to her parents. My family member is very ill with terminal cancer and she has 2 dogs as well. We didn’t dumped them to the shelter. I took one in and son took another in . This is loving your family members. Shame on her!

  5. Wemdy says:

    Wow people have some pretty high expectations of a child in her teens who may be losing her parents. I expect she spends her days in school and nights st the hospital. The people who have commented here that they have “no compassion for the daughter” must have cold hearts indeed.

  6. Shannan Williams Callavini says:

    Or here’s a thought….maybe all of you who are bashing this daughter can step up and adopt this dog being some of you seem to have all the answers. I’m sure this wasn’t an easy decision to have to make. “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.

  7. Annette says:

    Yes the dog doesn’t look like she was well cared for. As for family stepping up that’s what you do when your in heard!
    This baby deserves better than the existence she had. That what the picture looks like. She existed out side and they feed her. She doesn’t look like she was ever brought inside.
    I am next in line to take my parents dogs should they out live them. I’m also in line to take my grandpas dog in case something happens to him. I’m also in the will to take my friends German Shepherd should something happen to his family.
    Everyone needs a plan for their animals. My sister will be taking my animals or I will be taking hers.

  8. Janine Nelson says:

    I called the shelter and was told they’re reaching out to rescue groups. I’m interested in adopting Katana but I live in Arizona. Are there any rescue groups out there that are interested in assisting?

  9. Joyce Dutrisac says:

    High kill shelter for this beautiful soul heartbreaking whatever happened to families helping each other out
    Shame on you


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