Dog shot multiple times

Someone broke into man’s home and shot his dog several times

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On Friday, someone broke into a man’s home in Atlanta, Georgia, and shot his beloved dog several times. The man, who has asked to remain anonymous, told WSBTV News that his pit bull, “Coco,” was his best friend.

Coco’s owner had left his home to run an errand nearby…when he returned, he found his door kicked in, multiple items missing, and his dog in a bedroom, soaked in blood because a burglar had repeatedly shot her. He told the news agency, “She was laying on the back in the corner and it was just full of blood.”

Coco was taken to a veterinarian for care – they found four gunshot wounds. The injuries were devastating and ultimately proved to be fatal. Despite receiving care, the seven-year-old dog died after one of her surgeries. The devastating news was posted to a fundraiser created to help cover veterinary costs:

I’m sorry to write Coco didn’t make it after her 2nd surgery today as hoped, and passed away. Also sad- most of the vet bill still isn’t covered, so I’m leaving the fundraiser open until it is. Thanks so much for everyone’s generosity.

The authorities are investigating – anyone with information is asked to  call the Atlanta Police at 404-614-6544.

(Image via GoFundMe)

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13 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    RIP, Coco. I know your human would rather have lost everything in his home than you.

    Hopefully, they’ll find the filth who did this ASAP, and God willing, it will put up a struggle and that will be that. Had the homeowner been home, both he and his dog would now be dead, along with probably anyone else in the home. Who know how many bodies this scum has left in its wake, or will in the future if not stopped.

  2. Donna Brand says:

    Coco was protecting his family home. This deliberate cruelty is unacceptable. Anyone who can do this to an innocent animal is dangerous, and could be capable of escalating the violence to humans in the future. I hope his killer is found and charged with animal cruelty along with the robbery and serves as much time in jail as is allowed by the law. My prayers to his owner.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Was this in retaliation for something? Who would kick in a door after the owner left the house (probably watching) and not only stealing items but specifically going after the dog. Hope they find out who did this.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    What must we do to keep our pets safe, Coco was safe in her home when her owner ran some errands! It’s bad enough some POS broke into his home and robbed him, but to kill his best friend too, is just heartbreaking. Rest in peace Coco, I hope and pray they find who did this and there is some justice in this for you.

  5. Helen says:

    RIP Cocoa, run free, no more pain and suffering.

    This POS must be caught and severely punished. I won’t think twice shooting the bastard and send this POS to hell!

  6. vicki hood says:

    Police needed to find the creep that did this. Poor Coco. RIP dear friend who gave her all. Any neighbors have security camera of visitors to your street?


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