Six dogs put down after woman found dead in her home

Six dogs put down after woman found dead inside of home

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Six dogs have been put down after a woman was found dead this week inside of a residence in Asheville, North Carolina. According to WLOS News, the body of 59-year-old Jane Egle was discovered on Monday – officers who arrived at the home were forced to kill one dog who was acting aggressively inside of the house.

The dog killed inside of the home was described as a South African Mastiff – according to the Daily Mail, on of Egle’s relatives told the authorities that the dog had a history of aggressive behavior. Eight other dogs were also at Egle’s home…her relatives signed custody over to the local humane society. A neighbor told WLOS News that the dogs owned by Egle were “very sweet.”

After the dogs were evaluated by a behaviorist, it was determined that they were too dangerous to be released to the public. Egle’s cause of death has not yet been determined – the incident report stated that her injuries were “minor.”

One dog, a Great Pyrenees, is still being evaluated – another young dog is being released to an animal rescue agency.

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21 replies
  1. Elaine Briden says:

    That’s terrible. Did they even give those dogs a chance? They were just taken away from their home and lost their owner. Seems to me the dogs weren’t given much of a chance to prove themselves, even the neighbor said they were sweet dogs.

    • Dee pruitt says:

      The dumbass authorities kill them so they DON’T have to be bothered. The poor dogs didn’t have a chance. They lost their owner. Then they lost their home. Then they lost each other. And that still wasn’t enough. Because then they lost their lives. You people who killed them, SHAME ON YOU !…. You need to find another line of work. Because you certainly DONT know what the hell you are doing ! Maybe apply as a mortician. So you don’t come in contact with living, breathing beings ……..

    • Teresa johnson says:

      Probably not given a chance at All!!! These people really get into murdering these furbabys???????? so very sad, beautiful dogs????????????????

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    WOW! What a nightmare! This is so very sad,I really do not know what to say about this case since there is not a lot of info in the story to even comment if there could of been another way to handle these orphaned dogs! Very,very sad!

  3. Janice Foraker says:

    My previous Golden Retriever had spent 2 days in the house with his then owners body. Cause of death was never determined, but BJ wasn’t put down, fortunately. These poor dogs were never even given a chance, just because of their breed. ????

  4. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    This is HORRIBLE!!!! I’m sure they did NOT even evatuate them. They just killed them because they were big dogs. They need to be punished!!!

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    Of course the dog will be aggressive, you are coming into his home and he is going to protect his owner even if she is dead! Why didn’t they call Animal Control to contain the dog! I don’t believe these dogs,that neighbors have said were “very sweet ”, were vicious at all! Thanks to Egle’s relatives, who told authorities the dogs had a vicious history, most likely because they couldn’t be bothered with them, these dogs never had a chance.

  6. Beth says:

    Such an Asshole State! I hate the south. Barbaric and savage! I just emailed this article to their NEW GOVERNOR! I wish you would all do the same. Let that stupid, in bred state of vile beings know you have had enough of the horror stories that come from the Carolinas. Florida and Texas are also especially abhorrent states! These slobs just use and use and use up all the resources available to the ASPCA and the HSUS! Change your laws you savages!

    • Emily from SC says:

      I am a lifelong resident of South Carolina and completely agree with you that the animal welfare laws in the South are pathetic. I also wish my legislators and neighbors would evolve into something resembling a civilized society. Unfortunately, the majority of our legislators have their heads in the clouds while their supporters have their heads up their asses (or maybe it’s the other way around). However, there are many of us who deeply care for animals and wear ourselves thin trying to get unwanted animals into safe and loving homes (including our own). Our nonexistent spay/neuter laws put a tremendous burden on animal caregivers. The horrible stories of abuse and the knowledge that there are so many more out there make me sick. We aren’t all savages.

      • Beth says:

        Of course you are not all savages, but the south is abhorrent! YOU and your kind are appreciated of course, BUT the ENTIRE situation is extremely confusing. I have been involved in companion animal rescue for half my life, 30 plus years, and it is ONLY the SOUTH where I see little if any change. I and MANY of my fellow rescuers just can’t figure it out. I wish the rest of the nation would boycott all the southern states and maybe SOMEONE will listen and make changes when the tourist dollars stop flowing. I don’t know what else to do but hit the amoral in the wallet……..Bless YOU and take care. Beth

  7. Suzanne says:

    The dogs were defending and guarding their beloved guardian, so one was shot to death and the others were killed? The heartless brutality toward animals never ceases to horrify me, and I have seen plenty of it on the news and on this Internet. I vividly remember how once a woman died and her certified therapy dog and a small dog were in the home with her for over a week, and when her family FINALLY checked on her they had ANIMAL CONTROL pick up her beloved dogs, and starving and traumatized, they got no treatment. The companion therapy dog DIED without help, and someone adopted the small dog, but nobody knew who. This reminds me of that, these heartless monsters shooting a dog who was valiantly protecting his “human guardian”, and killing the others who were confused and didn’t know what was going on!

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    I don’t believe one word of these so called ‘behaviorists’. These poor dogs were dumped by miserable relatives who could have cared less about their welfare. Then they are deemed ‘aggressive’ because they are put in a strange environment with people who are unfamiliar to them – exactly what did they expect?????? Of course, giving these dogs time to acclimate is never a consideration, just kill them all. They all sound like a bunch of incompetents who were way too eager to end the dog’s lives than giving them a chance. Typical Humane Society reaction.

  9. Star Shelley (@shelleystar2) says:

    Whole story is very sad, the owner probably died and her dogs were protecting her. Seems her family didn’t care, that is probsblyg why she surrounded with her dogs. I know so many woman that do that, when they don’t have family or get along with family. The cops just took the fast way out. It’s easier to kill first and ask questions later. I feel for her dogs and her.

  10. Charla Ka says:

    Nothing makes me more furious then when supposed loving relatives of the deceased have no qualms about turning their pets over to be euthanized. Do they really think that is what their loved ones would have wanted? Just goes to show you need to make arrangements for your pets because those relatives who you thought you could count on to take them in when you are gone are often too irresponsible to do so. If my children would not care for my pets when I’m gone I would haunt their butts for the rest of their days.


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