Racing dogs test positive for cocaine

Racing dogs test positive for cocaine

According to the New York Daily News, a veteran Florida dog trainer has lost his license after several greyhounds tested positive for cocaine. The trainer at the heart of the scandal is identified as 70-year-old Malcolm McAllister, who became involved in the world of dog racing back in 1980

McAllister hasn’t disputed the finding of the drug in five dogs’ systems, but he has indicated that he is not to blame. In a statement, McAllister wrote that someone else was behind the dog doping, “One of these undesirables had to have either dropped or administered the ‘cocaine,’ – he emphasized, in writing, “is that it was not me.”

Urine samples were taken from the racing dogs in January – the dogs raced at Derby Lane St. Petersburg. A representative for the track condemned rule breakers in a statement following the discovery of drugs in the racing dogs’ systems:

“Kennel Owners are expected to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the American Greyhound Council and the National Greyhound Association, as well as Derby Lane track rules and policies. Greyhounds are monitored by the State of Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation. In a perfect world, there would be no need for rules, but those that don’t comply are dealt with and are not welcome to race at Derby Lane.”

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  1. Beth says:

    Florida is such a disgusting state. So much of the ASPCA and HSUS donated money (from all over the country from people like me and you) is spent and USED UP by the fucked up southern states. Both of those organizations are CONSTANTLY diving into a heinous rescue situation because these in bred states will not take responsibility for their savage people. I am sick of it!
    I email everyone of these disgusting stories to the governor of which ever state the story is from. If everybody did this, it couldn’t hurt. Let’s use our freedom of speech to tell the idiot leaders we have had enough.

  2. Beth says:

    Email a copy of this report to the governor of Florida. Maybe if he is gets enough negative feedback, he will do something about the pathetic animal cruelty laws of this state.
    BOTTON LINE: The freaks will never stop, the laws have to change so we can keep them away from us and our pets.

  3. Dee pruitt says:

    This crap is against the law ! This is ANIMAL CRUELTY !!! How is the stupid people in Florida getting away with it ? Why is dog racing still going on there ? Who is paying off who ? SHUT THEM THE HELL DOWN !! AND WHILE YOUR AT IT SHUT DOWN THE JACKASS HORSE RACERS TOO ! ALL YOU MONEY HUNGRY ANIMAL ABUSERS MAKE ME SICK !

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    ALL greyhound race tracks should be permanently shut down – this is jus another example of what goes on behind the scenes in these hell holes. Animal abuse runs rampant and those in charge cover it up constantly – Malcom McAllister should be in jail and/or hogtied and dumped in the everglades for gator lunch. All those that run these kennels KNOW what is going on, where are those that are SUPPOSED to be supervising these trainers???? This whole industry is criminal.


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