Witnesses allege police shot and killed a dog for no reason

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Although police in Laval, Quebec have stated they shot and killed a dog who allegedly ran aggressively towards them on Saturday, two eyewitnesses claim authorities shot the dog for no reason – or maybe because the dog’s breed resembled a pit bull. The witnesses, an animal advocate and dog trainer were so upset, they later posted the story and the video on Facebook; it has since gone viral.

According to the Montreal Gazette, police spokesperson Evelyne Boudreau, stated the police received a call about the break-in and after the suspects fled, one of the neighbors was able to capture the license plate number. A few minutes later, police intercepted the vehicle and two men with a dog were stopped. As the men reportedly did not resist and were arrested,  police claim the dog ran aggressively towards them, and they were forced to shoot him.

At the time of the incident however, a woman in tears witnessed the entire tragic scene.

“We just witnessed two men getting arrested, and they had a dog with them,” Katherine Davidson, 26, posted to Facebook. “Their dog was laying next to them, and the cops just shot the dog. The dog wasn’t even doing anything; he was laying down next to his owner. And they shot him multiples times for nothing.”

Katherine’s boyfriend Cory Hunt observed the same thing and added:

“There was no reason whatsoever for the police to shoot the dog; the dog was sitting between the two cars not doing anything. The two cops had the situation under control.There was another cop that could have grabbed the dog. He did nothing. The other cop grabbed his gun out of his holster, shot the dog three or four times without any reason whatsoever.”

According to the police, they said the dog had charged one of them before Katherine had arrived, and they had already shot the dog. By the time Katherine and Cory arrived, the police decided to shoot the dog dead so he wouldn’t suffer.

“I can’t say what happened before I got there,” Davidson said. “But I know the dog was still alive. His head was up. After the police shot him, I just saw the dog kind of collapse his head onto the ground. One second he was alive, and after they shot him, he was dead moments later.”

Davidson wants to see if there is police footage from the incident to explain why the brown and white dog was shot, claiming the public does have a right to know. And then there are the most basic questions – why wasn’t Animal Control called to take the dog and why wasn’t the dog transferred to a veterinarian for treatment instead of being shot by police officers?

(Photo and video of police shot and killed a dog via Katherine Davidson’s Facebook.

Check out Katherine’s video. Rest in peace sweet dog.


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  1. I can’t even stand looking at this shit anymore. Cops disgust me, and the truth is ENOUGH OF THIS KILLING DOGS SHIT!!! STOP KILLING OUR FOUR LEGGED FAMILY MEMBERS!!

    • I am in total agreement, the dog was in fear,, cops never look at this, they pull the trigger killing innocent dogs, very disgusted with the actions of a high percentage of law enforcement. I am in fear of encountering any action with the law..

  2. That is soooo wrong. There is way too much of that happening lately. Police think because they carry a gun they can just use it without any need for justification. I hope there is a lot of proof and this officer gets reprimanded for it. Unfortunately the poor dog died because of this trigger happy clown. If it was my dog I’d be all over the police and demand restitution. RIP sweet pup????????????????

  3. I hope there is a video somewhere to explain what really happened. Either way it wasn’t necessary to shot the dog dead.

  4. OMG! Fucking LYING,MURDERING,INMORAL ASSHOLES WITH A WEAPON USING THIS POOR INNOCENT DEFENSELY DOG FOR TARGET PRACTICE!!! We want to try and slows the rampant abuse and torture of innocent dogs and cats in this life but we have to sit by and ALLOW law enforcement to be %100 complicit in this horror called animal cruelty!! Of course all of us dog lovers are fully aware of what Canada feels about any dogs that even SLIGHTLY resembles a bully breed! How are we suppose to show the low life animal abusers out there that animal cruelty is wrong and should not be tolerated when society allows and promotes the senseless killing of companion animals by law enforcement! For Gods sakes there are tasers as an option but that does not matter because law enforcement KNOWS that they can do this shit with no repercussions! I think that a lot of cops in Canada will continue this behavior because they have the top dog that runs this country wanting ALL dogs that RESEMBLE a bully breed, even a smidgeon, dead and out of the country! Makes me sick,breaks my heart and OUTRAGES me! Just another day of killing,abusing and torturing dogs in this world,on and

  5. Arrêtez de vous prendre pour des rois, un jour, bientôt peut être, vous payerez cher votre barbarie, vous êtes des meurtriers, vous êtes pires que ceux que vous emprisonnez. HONTE À VOUS.

  6. This is BULLSHIT!!!! Too many Cops are getting away with this and they need to be punished just like a Criminal would if trhe roles were reversed. They HAVE TO BE PUNISHED FOR THIS ATROCITY!!!!

  7. I am more inclined to believe the accounts of Katherine Davidson,and Cory Hunt than I am the police. Too many times the police just shoot a dog whether it is doing anything at all. They were arresting two thieves and didn’t want to have to deal with their dog, it was easier to just kill it!

  8. assholes like this is why no-one cares when a cop gets his head blown off,9 out of 10 times they deserve it, hope the truth comes out and this piece of shit is fired

  9. Death wish for these filth-bag yank oinker pig cops.These dog murdering bastards need to be turned into fertilizer,that is after they have been urinated and defecated on.The only good yank oinker pig cop is a dead one.I love receiving notification when these slime-bags are killed as they deserve!

  10. As usual the friggin’ cops ‘CLAIM’ a dog is aggressive and just shoot it – BUT this time there are eyewitnesses who dispute this BS and deny the dog did anything, I do not believe one word the cops say, it is the same lie over and over – and the big blue wall goes up and authorities do NOTHING. This poor dog deserves justice that will never happen. What rock did Quebec find these cops under??????


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