Sheriff’s Office searching for owner of stray emotional support dog

Sheriff's Office searching for owner of emotional support dog
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A Sheriff’s Office in Kansas is searching for the owner of a stray emotional support dog that was found wandering in Augusta. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office turned to social media for a helping hand after finding the black dog, which appears to be a Labrador retriever, over the weekend.

Emotional support dog found

The January 21 Sheriff’s Office Facebook post reads:

Today, Deputies with the Butler County Sheriff’s Office located a black dog wearing a service harness. The dog was located in the 4700 block of SW 101st Street Terrace in rural Augusta around 3:00 pm.

The post has been shared over 700 times, but as of Monday, it does not appear that the owner has been located.

The Sheriff’s Office is has requested that anyone with information reach out:

If you have information as to whom this dog belongs to, please contact the Butler County Communications Center at 316-322-4398.

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  1. I hope and pray something bad hasn’t happened to the dog’s owner. It doesn’t bode well that the dog has been found and it seems nobody is looking for it.

    • Yes, I was thinking the same thing. The owner depends on that dog, so you would think if they are okay, they would have been looking all over for the dog. Also, when they wear the vest, it usually means they are accompanying their owner somewhere and I was wondering how they got separated. Hopefully the owner will surface very soon and they can be reunited.

  2. This does not look too Good and I fear that the owner may have had a mishap!!! or someone stole the dog from some where else!!! I am glad it appears to be ok and hopefully if this goes to national sites and Yahoo, Google , face book, someone will come forward !!!!

  3. It looks like we’re all thinking pretty much the same thing…..afraid that something has happened to the owner. It doesn’t bode well that no one has come forward to claim the dog or that a missing dog wasn’t reported by the owner.

  4. Thank yal for taking such care of this Precious 4legged, PLEASE ALL COURTESY REPOST .. please St Felix of Nola. ..I know I usually request you watch over Precious 4leggeds, please will you please not only watch over LOST, MISSING PETS, BUT IN THIS CASE THE PRECIOUS 2LEGGED GUARDIAN


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