Reward offered after dog found shot and bound

Reward offered after dead dog found shot with legs bound

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A reward is being offered in response to a terrible act of animal cruelty which claimed the life of a dog in Kansas. According to the Wichita Animal Action League (WAAL), last week, a pit bull named “Blue,” was found fatally shot and someone had bound her legs and dragged her.

In a Facebook post, the organization wrote:

Blue went missing from her home last Thursday and was found dead 3 days later in a field near 95th S and Hillside having been tied by her feet, dragged, and shot. A police report has been made.

This week, the agency announced the offering of a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person (or persons) responsible for the torture and death of Blue.

The agency is pleading for information to help the authorities solve this case of cruelty. WAAL wrote:

If you know anything about who might have done this to a defenseless animal, it’s imperative that you call 911 so they can be brought to justice; they are a danger to society as a whole. If you’re not comfortable calling 911, you can private message the Wichita Animal Action League or contact us anonymously on our webpage at

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    Kansas is becoming like Texass!!! and Speaking of the No Star state it has finally happened.. We have all posted how horrific the ” Lone Star people” treat their animals. A father makes his Six year old daughter stand where he knew there were Coyote’s in Richardson Tx. because she didn’t drink her milk. and SHE has disappeared and CAN”T be found by search parties!!! 6 years old to stand alone in a WELL KNOWN COYOTE INFESTED AREA!!!! Do you think Texas Governor Abbott and officials will start looking at he laws down there!!!

  2. Nadya Wall-Rossi says:

    I can solve this case in less than a second. Go to the black section of town. Dogfighting is the favorite activity there. Dogfighters are incredibly cruel, brutal, savage people. They torture and kill gentle dogs that don’t want to fight. Of course, no one will “snitch” on the murderers, so no reward will ever have to be paid. Can’t we keep pit bulls out of the ghetto?

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    What a sick cruel violent and demented world we live in! Where society accepts the brutal cruel abuse and killing of innocent animals and nobody is ever held accountable in a court of law! I don’t understand it,I don’t want to understand it and it’s immoral and unacceptable! The judicial system and our lawmakers contributes, condones,enables, and protects the abusers and the sickening brutal abuse of animals! Until things change with the laws and acted and the judicial system this will continue to grow and flourish…..PERIOD!!! I truly don’t understand why they even bother arresting animal abusers for their never held accountable in a court of law! I can only hope these evil sick monsters are held accountable when I meet their maker! ????????RIP BLUE????????

  4. Adrienne says:

    This poor dog,trusting whoever it was that tied her up and then dragged to an area where they shot her. One of these scums must have known the dog very well to be able to tie it up without a lot of barking going on. Any missing dogs or kids in school talking about this? I am certain it is teens that did this, unless it is an area where there is dog fighting and she was part of it? Hope the killer(s) are found and put in jail for a long time.
    Read about Texas and think it is a 3 year old girl, which is even worse than 6 yrs old! What type of father could do this to his own child? He will be in jail forever, but the child needs to be found soon.

  5. Red says:

    you are as worthless and useless and as much of a monster as the ones who did this!!!!

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Blue deserves justice which will probably never happen because animal abuse is treated like littering – of little to no importance. There needs to be a special department in ALL police departments which deals ONLY in animal abuse – this has become an epidemic in this country. I am so sick and tired of authorities (DAs, judges) who let these maggots off with no punishment – dogfighters need to be treated like the pond sludge they are – anyone that abuses animals should be prosecuted and judged exactly like child abusers – it is abuse of the innocent, the defenseless and the voiceless – there is no difference.

  7. Jill says:

    Find the maggot with the dreadlocks……..who did this to a beautiful animal…….or i should say person….you …….abuser bastard are the Animal…..either take him to the country…..shoot him or tie him up and drag him behind car…that should take care of thePOS!!!!!!!!


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