Rescuer ‘shaken to the core’ after discovering dog bashed with brick and set on fire

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In Amory, Mississippi, a long time dog rescuer  who spends his own money and time caring for dozens of thrown away dogs,  was left “shaken to the core” this week after making a grisly discovery after finding the remains of one of three dogs that had escaped from the property a few months ago.

Carroll Moffett, a retired Monroe County supervisor, found Jarhead, one of the missing dogs, on Ritter Road – alongside of Moffett’s property. The dog’s head had been bashed in with a brick and his body set on fire. The dog still wore his orange collar Moffett gives to most of his dogs; the heartbreaking discovery brought Moffett to tears. According to WaaytvNews, the rescuer, with the ultimate soft spot for dogs which he shares his 13-acre property with, can’t imagine why anyone would kill such a friendly dog:

“They threw him out on the side of the road, in the middle of the night and left the brikc they knocked him in the head with,” stated Moffett. “They poured gas on him and burned him – and I just don’t understand why. I don’t know how anybody could do that…”

Although Moffett, is not an official shelter, all of the dogs are well-cared for; each having their own blankets, plenty of food, water and shelter – including air conditioning for those unbearable Mississippi summers. In an interview with the Daily Journal, Moffett stated his truck is always stocked with a bag of dog food in case he encounters any strays. Over the years he and his family have tried to find homes for the dogs they pick up as strays; the ones they can’t get adopted, they keep.

“I know I can’t care for all of them but I have to do what I can for the ones I know about,” he said.

A police report has been filed, and Moffett is asking the public for help. Anyone with information about the death of Jarhead is  asked to call Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell at 662.369.2468. Two more dogs are still missing; help them find their way back home.

Rest in peace Jarhead.

(Photos where rescuer shaken to the core over grisly discovery via screenshots Waaytv)

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16 replies
  1. Jill kurth says:

    Find them. Orange collar on them…bash in heads with brick. Pour gasoline on them and lite. Thats there punishment. Amen. Poor baby is in heaven now and you are in hell.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t know why I am still surprised by the cruelty in this world,I have certainly read enough of these horror stories to know better. My heart goes out to Carroll Moffett, a kind man who loves dogs and should never have had to suffer this horrible discovery. I pray he finds the other missing dogs safe and sound and I hope with all my heart he is able to get some justice for Jarhead.

  3. Darla says:

    OMG, the cruelty just gets worse and worse. This is one of those days that I’m just overwhelmed when I read it. I know my feelings are NOTHING compared to what the sweet, innocent dogs (and other animals) go through. Maybe they can get fingerprints off the brick. The POS needs to be found NOW. I’d like to do the same thing to him that he did to Jarhead.

    • Roselyne CORNETTE says:

      D’accord avec vous, pas de pitié pour les assassins d’animaux. Des sous merde, des parasites qu’il faut éliminer.

  4. Victoria Willits says:

    This is insane…I’m so sorry that this poor baby had to go through this and this amazing Man had to find this …these people have to be found …..

  5. Elaine Briden says:

    Please find these monsters and give them a taste of their own Medicine. I’m sorry for your loss Carroll Moffett and family and I pray you find the other dogs safe. You are a saint and doing a wonderful thing for all those dogs, thank you its nice to hear.

  6. maxiemom says:

    The older I become, the less I understand people. If someone had told me people were this mean and vicious even 30 years ago I wouldn’t have believed it, but now I believe there’s almost no low they can’t reach. Punishments need to start fitting the crime, and in Mississippi, even if they find this monster, the punishment won’t even come close.

  7. linda says:

    Mr. Moffett what a kind heart you have and thank you for taking in and caring for these dogs. RIP Jarhead. There are cruel people out there who enjoy abusing such loving animals for sick fun!

  8. Sherry says:

    This is heartbreaking and sickening. I am so proud to see this kind man, Mr. Moffett and his family doing this great work for unwanted/homeless dogs. I wish this world was filled with many more families like this and I am very sorry for their loss. This dog suffered tremendously at the hands of evil, heartless earth walking demons. RIP sweet pooch.

  9. Star Shelley says:

    Heartbreaking, bless the owners for what he does for those stray animals. What a blessing what a,heart. I pray they find the evil low life so call human and someone do the same to them.


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