Morbidly obese dog rescued

Rescue takes in morbidly obese dog who was abandoned by owners

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A morbidly obese dog, abandoned by his owners who apparently left him in a yard when they moved away, has been rescued. The cattle dog, dubbed Arbuckle, was being held at the Tulare animal shelter before being rescued by the Los Angeles based non-profit, A Purposeful Rescue.’


Obese dog Arbuckle

On November 16, the rescue group thanked the animal shelter staff for bringing the obese dog’s plight to their attention:

The Tulare Shelter was kind enough to shave him (keep scrolling for “before” photos) and they put a desperate plea out for help to the rescue community. The moment we saw him we knew we had to put a plan together to get this big boy the hell out of dodge!

Arbuckle was freed from the shelter and taken to a veterinarian where blood work revealed that he is suffering from hypothyroid – which is promising, because there is medication to help him lose weight. It appears that Arbuckle has suffered with this condition for a long time – the rescue group wrote:

 Sadly, it appears he’s had a thyroid problem for years without treatment which is a bummer but we are doing everything in our power to make him comfortable. Sweet dreams ❤️

Arbuckle has a long road to weight-loss recovery ahead of him. He weighs 130 pounds – a shockingly high number which have led to a slew of health issues. Better days are ahead Arbuckle.

(Images via A Purposeful Rescue Facebook page and Jonny Preston Instagram/Facebook)

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    • Nancy Raymond says:

      I agree w/you 100% – I see no difference between child abuse and animal abuse – it is cruel actions towards those who are defenseless, innocent and have no voice. Those that abuse animals should face the same charges as a child abuser.

  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    These scumbag humans who abandoned Arbuckle must be known to authorities and they need to step up and charge these bastards with animal abuse and make them pay every cent for Arbuckle’s medical bills – don’t let them walk off with no punishment.


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