Rescue owner watches in horror as three Clydesdale horses killed by lightning

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The owner of Kehsarra Clydesdale Rescue watched in horror on Wednesday evening as three Clydesdale horses were struck and killed by a single lightning strike in Mount Gambler, Australia.

According to the organization’s Facebook posting, Lynn Breirley had slipped outside as the storm began in order to remove one of the horse’s blankets she had forgotten to take off. Moments later, a giant crack of lighting, less than 13 feet away from where she had been standing, struck three Clydesdales in what Lynn described as a “gunshot like” instant killing the horses.

” FFS. LIGHTING JUST TOOK 3 OF MY HORSES. JUST PISS OFF NOW. YOU WIN…,” Lynn posted on her Facebook page.

After the initial shock and horror, Lynn was determined to face her fears and vowed not to leave her other horses.

“Well I’m not leaving my remaining horses on their own tonight through this F ….g storm . I’ll stay out with them all night if I have to … it just missed Sylvie and the foal and Herc was glanced by it .. I was 4ft away from my babies when they got struck .. I though I had lost all 6…. The most horrific sight I will ever witness … can’t get the vision out of my head … R.I.P. MY BEAUTIFUL ONES .. you will always be in my heart.”

One of the horses killed had been used for therapy. According to Yahoo News, the second horse killed had been a special needs rescue with no teeth and the third horse had been retired. Two other horses – a mare and an orphaned foal watched as their paddock mates were struck.

Meanwhile Lynn is warning other horse owners to be careful about lightning.

“So please not only cuddle your four-legged friends a little harder, but also be aware that lightning does strike and kill horses. We don’t want to see any of our Kehsarra family feel like we all do right now,” she posted.

Rest in peace sweet horses.

(Photos of three Clydesdale horses killed via Facebook)

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5 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, but is there a way you can keep them inside a barn when a storm is coming? I know the odds are low that horses are struck but I never say never.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I feel so bad for Lynn Breirley and her loss. To be outside when this happened and see it is horrible. These were exceptional horses she cared for and they each performed a service even after being retired. They were called to cross the rainbow bridge and meet their other friends. Run freely with the others. Hope Lynn knows that Americans feel her pain and extend our sympathy to her.

  3. Christine Brown says:

    I am so sorry for your loss you are all in my prayers and thoughts.
    RIP beauties you will be sadly missed but never forgotten

  4. mel says:

    Hi Thanks you everyone for the show of support for us at Kehsarra, I’m one of the Kehsarra Team members and like to clarify that it wasn’t 3 of our Clydesdales but 1 Asha out Therapy horse who was killed along with 2 TB one being a special needs and other a retired showhorse, the 2 other paddock mates were our other TB and My welsh pony.. to the day a month earlier we lost our Clydesdale mare who had a foal at foot the foal and her nannies were in paddock besides and saw it happen with one getting a sight shock due to being close enough. We were lucky not to lose Lynn and the others that night.


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