Rescue group sought perfect home for crooked faced dog

Rescue group sought perfect home for crooked face dog
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A rescue group in New York set out to find the perfect home for a special dog who wound up in its care. The dog, a young pit bull named Woody, has a crooked face, and a fun-loving personality. Not long ago, Woody was taken under the wing of Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR) Northeast and as soon as the agency shared the puppy’s photos, and his story, the adoption applications began to pour in.

According to SNARR, Woody’s face is crooked because he was attacked by another dog when he was just a young pup – he didn’t receive any veterinary care and his face healed in such a way that he just “looks a bit different.” Despite his unusual appearance, Woody doesn’t suffer from any health issues – he’s just a typical goofy, friendly pit bull puppy.

In mid-November, the rescue group described the perfect home for young Woody:

Woody, while adorable, needs some love and a bit of training, he is a bit jumpy, but who wouldn’t be after being chained up outside! He also needs a home without cats, he likes to chase them.

And admitted that they were being “picky” when it came to finding Woody’s ideal family. According to Woody’s current Petfinder biography – the perfect home has been chosen. One of the best words in the rescue world is “adopted” and that’s exactly what Woody’s biography states – Adopted.

Have a great life Woody!

(images via SNARR)


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  1. I pray that Woody is going to the perfect home……God Bless him and shame on the person who didn’t get him medical attention when he was attacked…..this sweet baby deserves nothing but love, love, love…..I hope they give him a Facebook page so we can follow him.

  2. Good luck Woody. I hope you find a new found degree of love. One only a family can bring to the table. God bless you and your adopters. You have been “chosen”. Pretty wonderful.

  3. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    ♥ℒℴѵℯ♥ ℒℴѵℯ♥ ℒℴѵℯ♥ ℒℴѵℯ♥

  4. Woody is beautiful and deserves the very best loving home – the lucky human who gets him will never regret giving him his forever home.

  5. Beauty IS after all in the EYES of the beholder!!! He will give and receive the Love He deserves from his adopters , Why because they will be looking at his heart and soul Not the fact his face is different… bless them all this Holiday Season on may happy years as a complete family!!!


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