Puppy injured at boarding facility

Puppy suffers severe injuries while at boarding facility

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A puppy, left in the care of a Newport News, Virginia, dog boarding facility, suffered severe injuries during his stay. “Fenway,” a 10-month-old Australian shepherd, was left at the Coastal Dog Services facility while his owners went away for the weekend – in a short period of time, something terrible happened.

Fenway’s owner, Jason Fox, recounted the tragic situation on August 27 in a Facebook post:

Needing prayers for our poor puppy Fenway Fox. We trusted our dog in the care of Coastal Dog Services in Newport News over the weekend and the neglect that they showed him is beyond humane!
Our poor baby boy was attacked and basically left for dead and they tried to tell us he had his collar stuck in a fence! Then they just dropped him off at the emergency vet and basically said not our problem. This is so not right and our poor dog is very bad shape. I am definitely going to take this to court, so beyond words right now.

As reported in Williamsburg Yorktown Daily, the boarding facility disputes Fox’s claim – a trainer utilized the business’ Facebook page (the post and entire page have since been deleted) to provide his details about what had happened to the pup:

“The dog’s collar got stuck in a fence and the dog ‘in a panic’ injured itself trying to free itself,”

Pup severely injured at boarding facility

Fenway’s injuries left him in critical condition – at the veterinarian, he was diagnosed with a raging infection and there were concerns that his kidneys would shut down. The most recent update to Fenway’s online fundraiser provides hope that the pup will recover:

He stood up briefly last night to get on the scale and his urine testing is starting to improve. He is going in now for the surgery to have the broken down muscle and tissue removed. This is very encouraging news today and we hope that it keeps coming after surgery.

Find the fundraiser for Fenway at this link.

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18 replies
  1. Susan says:

    I don’t understand, why isn’t the boarding facility not responsible paying for Fenway’s medical bills? I agree with the owners I would be seeing a lawyer ASAP!

  2. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    That puppy did NOT do this to himself!!! You can tell he was attacked by another dog!!!! Those people who took care of him need to pay for his Vet bills!!!! This is just HORRIBLE!!!!

  3. Helen says:

    Definitely sue the boarding facility. The facility is responsible for making sure Fenway and the other dogs boarded are safe. There’s no way Fenway’ collar got stuck in the fence and hurt himself trying to get free.

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    I’m sorry but these injuries were not caused by getting a collar stuck in a fence…..they are lying! They need to be sued for all costs incurred for Fenway’s medical care! Are they not required to have insurance? They were paid to take of this poor dog and they fail horribly! THEY ARE %100 RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL INJURIES FOR DOGS UNDER THEIR CARE! SMH I PRAY FENWAY CAN MAKE A COMPLETE RECOVERY!

  5. carrie ainsley says:

    It says on the web site that they allow dogs of similar size to interact and play, and that is where these boarding facilities seem to fail when there is a problem. If a group of dogs gang up on one, they can’t break it up fast enough. It is entirely possible Fenway got his collar stuck on a fence, either while being attacked or the commotion caused the attack – and that would have prevented him from running aware or defending himself. But why was he wearing his collar? For safety reasons, collars should be removed. I have boarded some of mine at my vet’s office, and they give them a paper collar for this very reason. It’s more expensive than a regular boarding facility, but totally worth the peace of mind.

  6. Adrienne says:

    Injuries in no way were caused by the dog getting his collar stuck in a fence. Hopefully she will get a good lawyer who will get this place to not only pay the vet bills but whatever else this poor dog and her mommy needs. I bet that place will be closed soon after people hear about this.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    I find the boarding kenne’s story questionable. The looks of this dog doesn’t say he caught his collar and injured himself. Sending prayers to this family and I hope they don’t drop this. This facility needs to be checked carefully before someone else’s dog suffers.

  8. Pamela Garlisch says:

    A third party vet should be able to tell by the injuries whether the shelter is telling the truth or not. Get a second opinion fast and take lots of pictures!

  9. Mia says:

    Sue. There is no excuse good enough for this. Puppy’s collar stuck in a fence? Are you kidding me??? What kind of fence has defects that would enable a collar to get stuck in it? If true, that’s the kennel’s responsibility to have fixed it and/or prevented it. Puppy was attacked by other dogs? Are you kidding me? What kind of kennel puts a puppy in with other dogs and fails to watch the interaction for a period of time that enables this extent of injuries? If true, that’s the kennel’s responsibility to have prevented it. Any other excuses from the kennel for allowing an animal to get this injured?

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    Coastal Dog Services is definitely covering up for their incompetence – I hope Fenway’s owners sue them into oblivion – if they had ANY sense of responsibility they would gladly step up and pay for all of Fenway’s medical bills – but by making up excuses and lies they have proven their ONLY concern is to cover up. I hope this poor dog recovers and that his family is successful in their pursuit of justice.

  11. Sharon Headley Landy says:

    I am not stupid, nor a child. I have had dogs all my 76 years & never ever has a single dog ever injured itself in such a horricic way. You can tell this was either done by a much larger older dog or by a human that enjoys injuring dogs. This
    deffinitely needs to go to court. I would be out for someones neck if this ever happened to my dog. This place needs to be permanently put out of business & not allowed to ever operate another animal facility.

    • Cynthia Como says:

      Sharon how right u are! Anyone with a working brain and two eyes can plainly and logically see these horrific and fatal injuries in no way were the results of a collar getting stuck in a fence! How utterly asinine this place is to think for even a micro second that ANYBODY would buy this excuse! What happened to Fenway is so heartbreaking and deeply,deeply angers me! That need to be permanently shut down and taken to court to be held %100 accountable for Fenway’s death. This is unforgivable. RIP FENWAY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Red says:

    EVEN IF HE WAS STUCK IN THE FENCE…..had someone been watching him, it wouldn’t have hurt him!! This is complete and total ignorance on the part of the boarding facility. They should be closed down! No exception!


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