Photographer captures dire situation in flooded Texas

photo of dogs captures dire situation in Texas
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A photographer has captured an image which captures the dire situation facing the areas which are flooded by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. According to AOL, the image was taken by CNN’s Ed Lavandera and then uploaded to Instagram.

He wrote:

Two dogs left behind in a boat. Sadly a family had to evacuate their flooded neighborhood in Dickinson, #Texas without their dogs. Hope they’re ok.

Thousands of residents in the area have been displaced from their homes because of the epic flooding caused by non-stop rain. Some people were forced to leave pets behind – tragically, images have shown that there are dogs who were left chained in rising water, their ultimate fate unknown.

Good Samaritans and shelter volunteers have been working round-the-clock to locate and rescue abandoned pets. On Monday morning, a desperate plea for help went out on behalf of animals who are being held at a flooded shelter in Hankamer – the Facebook post outlines the dire situation:

We are in serious need of help! They opened the dam north of us and we got over a foot of water overnight…and it’s still rising! They’re going to release more water from upstream and more rain is on the horizon. We’ve got to go and we’ve got to go now! We won’t leave the dogs so need help getting them out by boat. We need temporary places for them to stay as well. We will need about 20 more large crates. We’re still having trouble wrapping our heads around this and really aren’t sure where to begin. Can anyone get to us with a boat and a trailer so we can make several trips back and forth with dogs in crates?

413 Speights Loop Road
Hankamer, TX 77560

One glance at the image reveals how frightening this situation is…

dire situation in flooded texas

The pleas for help are never-ending and the catastrophic flooding continues. According to the Washington Post, at least eight people are known to have perished in the area and thousands of people in southeast Texas have been displaced. Upwards of 25 inches of rain is expected to fall by Friday.

(Image via screenshot/Instagram/edlavacnn)

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  1. How can anyone live with themselves after leaving their helpless, sweet, innocent furbabies behind to face a lonely, agonizing death?

  2. I am so heartbroken for all the animals and family’s that r displaced. This hurricane has really caused some much destruction and heart break. Praying for all the family’s and animals in need.

  3. “Some people were forced to leave pets behind…”
    They’d have to SHOOT ME, to “force” me to leave my cherished companions:

    • I’m with you, if my dogs don’t go, then I don’t go, there is no way I could live with myself if I saved my sorry A$$ and left them behind! I’m heartbroken at the pictures I am seeing of dogs, neck deep in water, I also saw the boat dogs, How can people leave their pets behind?

    • What does “forced to leave pets behind” mean? No one had a gun to their head. I don’t understand this. I must be missing part of this story.

  4. Hope and pray that both people and animals get rescued. People understand and can try and deal with this as stressful as it is, but an animal-dog, cat, horse, cow, do not understand what is happening. All they know is that they can’t escape and get away from rising water (especially if chained up without any way out.

    Facilities have to be provided for these animals of all sizes and breeds until their families can be found to reunite them with.

    Our trivial problems are nothing compared to this. Pray for these people and animals and all politics put aside for once.

  5. Extremely concerned for every life in Texas flood, including the four legged furbabies. Please keep updating on situation.

  6. Whenever there is a weather disaster becit a hurricane,tornado,floods,or blizzards my mind,first and foremost,goes IMMEDEATELY to all the homeless animals who struggle an a daily basis to live one more day! And that is because humans have the ability to save themselves by either evacuating or going to shelters,but the poor animals have nobody to shelter them from harm! If I heard of any kind of dangerous weather heading my way I’m packing up my pets and I out of there! I have seen MANY instances of people who have fled dangerous weather a day or two in advance and STILL leaves their animals behind,either outside or in their houses! And for the people who do that I have nothing but disgusted and reprehension for them! This is exactly why when I heard about this hurricane I instantly stray freaking out for all the homeless animals,the pets that I knew who are going to abandoned and the farm animals! I’m completely heartbroken! PRAYING FOR THE ANIMALS AND THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN HARMS WAY!

  7. Praying for all homeless pets, all abandoned pets and those just lost in the chaos. Please help them to survive Lord, please… The humans will be rescued and have sources for help, the animals only have you dear Father.

  8. There is help on the way for the shelter in Hankamer! Don’t know about the dogs in the boat. Praying for all four legged babies!

  9. How difficult is it not to take your pets with you. If you can manage to leave why not take your pets?! SMH!. I cannot believe asshole pet owners can chain a dog and leave them to drown!!!!!

  10. How terrifying! 🙁 Prayers to the animals in this flood. So worried about them. I could never leave my pets behind; I’d rather go down with them, that’s just me. PRAYERS furry friends!

  11. NO WAY no one could FORCE me to leave my animals behind – there is supposedly a law that states both humans and animals be rescued – these shelters need to step up and start taking in both humans and their pets – to mandate ONLY humans be rescued is a major reason why some people refuse rescue. There has to be a better way than to mandate people leave animals who certainly rely on humans to help them – this SUCKS to force people to abandon their pets. No way – I’d rather die with my pets than without them.


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