Pet cemetery accused of giving ashes of random animals to grieving pet parents

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A pet cemetery in Illinois is under fire after having been accused of giving the ashes of random animals to their clients who had entrusted the facility to cremate their pet and return the remains. Katy’s Pet Cemetery and Crematory, in Tazewell County is under investigation after an animal rescue volunteer made the grisly discovery of dozens of animal carcasses left decomposing in a freezer last week.

According to KslaNews, rescue volunteer, Richie Rich, had been searching for a lost Great Dane named Cosmo in South Pekin on Thursday.

“When we were making our rounds, close to a pumpkin field where she was last seen, Kayla noticed some standing water at the cemetery,” Rich stated. “We pulled in to check for paw prints, didn’t see anything; we’re immediately met with the smell of what we thought at the time was roadkill.”

Rich, who works with the Trap and Animal Rescue of Peoria (TRAP), had been searching the area because it had been a likely place to look as a lost dog could find water and shelter, but then came the disturbing discovery.

“There was a chest freezer outside, along the side of the  building that, the closer we got to it, the stronger the smell,” described Rich.

Authorities reported to have found three animals inside that had been dead and decomposing for an extended period of time. One of the animals had a microchip which led authorities back to the owner who said she had received the cat’s ashes that had allegedly been cremated in 2013 at the cemetery. Since then 15 more pets have been discovered and “ten more in another freezer and we have 12 of them,” stated police. Only the remains of the animals that had identifying microchips have been made part of the investigation with one pet dating back to 2001.

Just a few days after the macabre discovery, Joe Abts, the owner of the pet cemetery, committed suicide. Pet owners have been notified, however they have the option to file a civil complaints against Katy’s Pet Cemetery and Crematory. How the affected pet parents involved in this misrepresentation must feel after thinking they had their deceased pets’ ashes back? Make sure to always check out references.

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6 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    The one “good” thing from this tragic story is the POS owner, who preyed on people during the worst time of their lives, is dead…….

    I have always worried about my precious furbabies after their deaths not being cremated properly (& are we really receiving their actual cremated remains)???

    My prayers for all those pet owners who were betrayed during their time of grief……..

  2. linda says:

    WTH?! I often wondered about all my pet’s ashes. I waited a month to get Spartan’s (my GSD) ashes and hoped they were his. This is wrong on so many levels! Shame on them!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’ve heard of stories like this before and why these crematoriums would do this is beyond comprehension. They are giving the people back some ashes so why aren’t they doing the jobs they are paid to do? I have had two of mine cremated and i pray to god the ashes I have are Bear and Spunky, if I ever found out otherwise,someone WOULD wish they were dead!


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