Man who threw dogs from parking garage sentenced to prison

Man who hurled dogs from parking garage sentenced to prison

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An Illinois man has been sentenced to prison time for throwing two dogs from the roof of a parking garage. According to the Chicago Tribune, 23-year-old Edward Hanania was sentenced to five years in prison for the cruel incident in May which claimed the life of one dog and severely injured another.

On Friday, after Hanania pleaded guilty to aggravated animal cruelty, Judge Colleen Hyland sentenced him to five years for the felony animal cruelty crime, in addition to six years for violating his probation on an “unrelated” drug conviction. The sentences are to be served concurrently.

The dogs that were hurled from the hospital’s parking garage were not even Hanania’s.  Oak Lawn police stated that Hanania falsely claimed he owned the two poodles after the dogs were found wandering the streets. When the woman who found the dogs posted an ad on social media, Hanania went to her house, gave her a $20 reward and claimed the dogs were his. The next day he dropped both dogs off the fifth floor of the hospital’s parking lot. The disturbing incident was caught on video surveillance.

The next day he dropped both dogs off the fifth floor of the hospital’s parking lot. The disturbing incident was caught on video surveillance. One of the dogs died and the other – a year-old named Angel survived; he suffered bruised lungs and a broken leg.

Animal welfare advocates who have been following this case are pleased by the outcome, and Oak Lawn police Chief Randy Palmer stated, “I would say that justice was served.”

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(Booking photo via Daily Southtown)

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  1. Astrid says:

    What a vile man i wish someone could throw him off the roof top too. I’m a great believer in an eye for an eye so would love to see him suffer

  2. Jennifer says:

    I just praise God. Finally someone is getting what they deserve for animal abuse. I hope someone breaks his freaking legs. Sorry ass. RIP to the one dog. Heal quickly to the other. Rot in hell to the sorry piece of shit who did this. He needed 10 yrs per dog.

  3. willie hines says:

    Dont worry the inmates are all ready fighting over him , mating season now enjoy homey remember DONT DROP THE SOAOP. enjoy your stay

  4. J. Martin says:

    Worthless fucker; I hope you take the big jar of vaseline with you when you hit prison. You are going to need it (Bwwwwwhahaha). It’ll be GOOD if you get taught a daily lesson for the entire 5 yrs you POS!!!!


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