Scared dog rescued

Owners of abandoned dog blame rescuers for their dog’s predicament

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The owners of a dog who was abandoned in the midst of the massive Houston-area flooding are speaking out against the people who are criticizing them, and pointing the finger of blame at rescuers. According to CBS DFW News, earlier this week, all eyes were on the plight of “Blue,” a pit bull spotted on top of a car which was submerged in water.

Rescuers had attempted to help the dog, but he was so terrified that he reacted to the offer of help and rescuers decided that the risk was too great to proceed. The video, which was shared extensively on social media, sparked a good deal of outrage and Blue’s owner, Charles Rogers, believes that the anger is unfair. In fact, he blames rescuers for the dog being left behind. Rogers told CBS, “My wife and I were thinking the rescuers were just going to go back and get him.”

Family Pet Left Alone And Scared In Floodwaters

UPDATE: CBS11's JD Miles can now report the dog was rescued and is OK. He shot this heart-breaking video of an abandoned pet in Houston. The frightened dog was too aggressive for rescue boats, which couldn't safely get close enough to save him. They had no choice but to leave him as flood waters quickly rose around him.

Posted by CBS DFW on Monday, August 28, 2017

Because the Rogers were evacuated quickly from their home, they have stated that they were in “survival mode,” and anguished about their decision to only take their small dog with them. Blue was left in a fenced back yard but managed to jump the fence and find safety on top of a car.

Ultimately, Blue was rescued by Kyle Scott and Roy Ethridge, good Samaritans who managed to win the trust of the terrified dog. According to CBS, Rogers wants his dog back and rescuers have agreed to hand him over.

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56 replies
  1. Stephen Phillips says:

    “Survival mode”???
    For you and your small dog, but NOT BLUE???
    You should NEVER get him back, ever!
    Of course – blame everyone who tried to help, but yourself – for abandoning him in the first place!
    I would adopt him in a heartbeat, and he’d NEVER be left to fend for himself – ever again!

      • slv says:

        Sherrill were you there??? How can YOU judge?? No I wasn’t there but I do agree with ba. Maybe you’re just an armchair idiot with no common sense.

      • Kathy says:

        YOUR animals— YOUR responsibility— and you are so low, you pick and choose which one you want to save??? WTF is with that???? Then you turn the circumstances around and blame people that tried to rescue the poor dog YOU CHOOSE to abandon in a fenced in back yard because he was so scared that he got aggressive. You just “assumed” and took for granted that somebody else would risk their lives to rescue the dog that YOU should have made a priority to take with you in the first place???? THEN (this is unbelievable)—- when you catch the MUCH deserved backlash— you come up with feeble excuses about being panicked and in “survival mode”. YOU are the kind of people that never have animals. It would seem you are more important to YOU and it’s screw the animal unless it suits you. People who love their pets DON’T do that them, to fend for themselves in a life threatening situation, that poor dog could have drowned in a matter of minutes. I would never give that dog back to you.

      • jk(not joking) says:

        Many of us so-called “armchair rescuers,” as you so stupidly call us, have been funding the actual rescuers. So STFU. I am set up in my house, with 5 animals, with carriers and leashes at arm’s length. If I go, they go. Wouldn’t anyone with a heart do the same? So don’t you sit there in your “armchair” and judge.

      • Mark says:

        Sherril don’t be so quick to judge. You obviously are an arm chair rescuer since you’re so quick to judge us. GET YOUR BUTT DOWN THERE BITCH!!!!

      • Lisa says:

        He left Blue to drown in his own backyard. It was his responsibility to take care of him and take him to safety. How dare he put the blame on the people who have been tirelessly rescuing dogs.

      • kalena says:

        Be quiet Sherrill. All of out here have been praying and donating money. They dont want non experienced people down there right now.

    • Martin says:

      Bad enough they left him in the locked fenced yard to drown. Smart dog headed to the car, owners not so smart. Now they’re blaming rescuers? They shouldn’t get the dog back if it was so easy for them to leave him to drown. I would imagine there’s someone out there who would adopt this sweet boy who wouldn’t leave him. With 2 people, there’s no excuse.

  2. ba says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nerve by the owners…..”decided to just take there small dog”???????????????????????? REALLY….floods, rain but left the dog in a fenced yard to drown and being terrified jumped the fence and ended up on top of a car!!!! and its the rescues they attack!!!!! for god sakes the car is under water and he was left in a yard!!!!!! he was TERRIFEID AND EVERYONE USES THE WORD “AGGRESSIVE” are you kidding me….any breed would react that way…OMG sorry but just taking 1 of your pets and leaving the other in a disaster is just cruel!!!!! they should be ashamed and stop attacking people who tried to save a life you decided didn’t matter as much as another pet!!!!!

    • Sherril says:

      If you read the post carefully, it explains the family was led to believe the rescuers were going back for their larger dog. If you are not actively doing the rescue work, you are in no position to judge.

      • Josie Liberty says:

        I am actively doing rescue work and I’m freely judging, just like you are in assuming that everyone who disagrees with you isn’t a valid rescuer. These people made a difficult but likely wrong choice, and when criticized, blamed those who were not the owners and therefore not responsible for the dog. They now come across as immature as well as irresponsible.

      • slv says:

        Of course they thought that. Sorry, there would have been no way I would’ve left my dog and trust that a stranger was going back for him. YOU are in no position to judge.

      • ba says:

        if YOU read the post carefully THEY CHOSE TO TAKE 1 DOG!!!!!Left Blue in a yard to drown – are you serious!!!!! then he jumped a fence and thankfully ended up on a car to keep from drowning!!!! BOTTOM Line never leave your family behind…they had notice and chose ok chose to take 1…..I cannot believe the ignorance….and I ACTIVELY do rescue everyday and know how the human race sucks!!!! and wh pays wth there life …the animals…he gets the “aggressive card” not the terrified card!!!!! you take your family no matter what….your ignorance is so clear and sad!!!

      • tina says:

        Why would the owners expect rescuers to get their dog?!!!! You stupid bitch that’s the owner’s responsibility. You are heartless. I hope you’re not a pet owner!

      • Ruth O'connell says:

        The rescuers shouldn’t have HAD to go back and get him. The OWNERS should have saved him in the first place.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Definitely not the fault of the rescuers who did try to get the dog, but couldn’t. The owners should not find fault with them, but if they took one dog, why not this dog Not blaming them for making a quick decision,but no blame to go around-no one at fault especially since this dog was rescued. That is the most important thing.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    So Blue was whose dog? I hate to tell you Charles Rogers, but Blue was ultimately YOUR responsibility. Many of us on here will tell you, we go into “survival mode” our pets come with us or we don’t go. Anyone who loves their dog, doesn’t leave them and expect rescuers to go back for them!. As it turns out two brave heroes did save your dog Blue, so I wouldn’t be criticizing the rescuers on this, you are at fault your scared pet was on the top of a car, too frightened to let a stranger help him! You are lucky they have agreed to give Blue back to you, you don’t deserve him and I wouldn’t be so quick to give him back!

      • slv says:

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion. We’re you there Sherrill??? I agree with Barkley’s Mom. There is no way, absolutely no way I would go anywhere without my 2 dogs. Rescue mode my ass

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Well Sherril, as a pet owner I have EVERY right to judge! If they could take one dog they could take two. No way would I pick and choose which of my dogs I would leave behind to drown! Lead to believe the rescuers were going to go back? Were they lead to believe it or was it just wishful thinking on their part to justify leaving their poor frightened dog behind! Tell me Sherril, if you have dogs could YOU leave one behind and pick and choose which would go with you or possibly drown in the back yard? Blue was THEIR responsibility NOT the rescuers!

      • linda says:

        Barkley’s Mom I doubt dear Sherrill will be able to respond to our comments. After making her comments she most likely unsubscribe for her to see ours. What a coward she is.

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Barkleys Mom,its because of cold blooded,self centered,heartless people like Sherril that we have so many suffering dogs in the world! She is a example of someone who should never be allowed to own ANY animals because obviously sees them as disposable! SMH

      • linda says:

        Sherril If you are reading our comments and choose not to respond……You’re a fucking idiot for commenting “Arm chair rescuers have no right to judge”. Nice try for trying to stick up for your friends/relatives… the Rogers. Troll elsewhere.

      • Liz Jackson says:

        Sherril, You are STUPID!!! EVERYONE has The “RIGHT” to there own opinion and anyone with any sense would know this is NO-ONES Fault except the OWNERS, !!! Its there dog and no ones elses responsibility and rescuers have enough to deal with already, I KNOW , I have been on the end of rescuing myself!!!!

    • Martin says:

      Yes, the owners don’t deserve to get this dog back. They abandoned him then out of guilt or trying to defend themselves they blame the rescuers?! For what?! Doing what they should have done? No way they should get this dog back after leaving him to die a frightening and horrible death. Those rescuers are heros!

  5. maxiemom says:

    REALLY????????? You blame the RESCUERS but not yourselves? They’re nothing but scum! They’re LUCKY their dog is even alive! If it had been up to them, he’d be DEAD, and they have the colossal nerve to blame the very people who attempted to save his life? There’s nothing in this world that would have made me leave one of my pets behind! They make me sick!!!!

  6. Helen says:

    Sorry Charles Rogers you can’t blame rescuers for your failure to take Blue with you. In fact, you left Blue in a fenced yard and he had to jump the fence and onto a car, so he won’t drown. If Blue died, it would have been your fault, not the rescuers. It took brave strangers to save your dog, Blue, where you’re the one that should have saved him. Shame on you, Charles Rogers. I would not have given Blue back to you.

  7. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I wouldn’t have left ANY of my furbabies behind. I’d have stayed back until I had each and every one safely with me. To take the small dog and then just leave this one in a fenced back yard? How dare they blame the ones who tried to help. The only one(s) at fault are the owners! Someone needs to sit them down and explain what’s what to them. Glad the dog is okay and glad it will get back home, but I wonder if that’s the best home for him.

  8. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I wouldn’t have left ANY of my furbabies behind. I’d have stayed back until I had each and every one safely with me. To take the small dog and then just leave this one in a fenced back yard? How dare they blame the ones who tried to help. The only one(s) at fault are the owners! Someone needs to sit them down and explain what’s what to them. Glad the dog is okay and glad it will get back home, but I wonder if that’s the best home for him. Hoping he’s treated right from now on.

  9. Edie Hardy says:

    What concerns me is in the middle of all of this, Blue was STILL in the back yard at all? What the hell were you thinking all of the time you could have gotten him in AND had him ready to go? You should not get this dog back at all. He was YOUR DOG and YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. I have six pit bulls in my house and I would never leave without ANY of them – they all have crates and muzzles in case someone would need to ever handle them. Unforgivable in my opinion.

  10. Cookie says:

    It was your responsibility for your own family and dogs not the rescuers. Your dog was so scared he wouldn’t let the first few people help him.. Charles Rogers you should not be given the dog back because you turned your back on him in the first place.

  11. J. Thornton-Manning says:

    Charles Rogers, you do not deserve to have any pets. Would you leave one of your children home when you are in survival mode? The fact that this poor dog was terrified and ended up on top of the car is your fault and yours alone! I have 5 dogs and every one would go with me if I am ever evacuated, just as they all go into the tornado shelter during a tornado warning. I wish that the people who rescued Blue would not give him back to you.

  12. linda says:

    If you had taken Blue as you should have this article wouldn’t have been written. So tell me rat bastard Mr. Rogers who is really to blame. Such an ungrateful asshole and prick. Btw way did you thank the two that rescued Blue?

  13. Pamela Garlisch says:

    How do you choose who to take? If they would have been your children do you only take one and leave the other behind? Do you take your children but leave you wife? How do you decide? Ultimately these dogs were YOUR responsibility and nobody else’s. Shame on you!

  14. Pissed off in fl says:


  15. maryann says:

    Maybe the rescuers should have taken the dogs in the first place and left their sorry butts there to jump the fence and sit on the car.

  16. Goldie Goodwin says:

    That’s just nuts. Leaving the dog in the fenced yard wasn’t the answer. If the dog had stayed in the yard, he would have died. Rescuers just can’t possibly get to all pets left behind. I understand panic mode but to blame others for not doing what the owner should have done himself is in my opinion what is wrong with the world today. I am a homeowner and I went through Hurricane Matthew last year so I am speaking from experience. I stayed with my cats. I had damage to my home but not to the extent of many in my community. Had I left, I would have taken every single cat. I do not expect others to pick up my slack. I wasn’t raised that way. That’s becoming less common now. Most people blame everyone but themselves for their troubles. He was called out on social media, and embarassed. As Grumpy Cat says – GOOD, he was a dumbass and deserved the flack he’s getting. Usually people don’t change when everything is nice and easy for them. It’s not until the pressure is on and things don’t go well, and often that has to happen multiple times before real change occurs.

  17. Cynthia Como says:

    For me under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would I leave any of my dogs behind…..NEVER! If all I could do is dash out the door ALL my pets are right beside me dashing out the door too! That’s how I feel and that’s my opinion! Blues owners were WRONG!!! I thank and praise the two amazing compassionate men who were NOT going to leave Blue behind,they took the time necessary to be able to rescue Blue! God is smiling down on them and they are heroes in my book!!

  18. WeeMan's Mom says:

    When we ran to Kroger on Monday and 40 minutes later, couldn’t get back into the neighborhood because flood waters rose too quickly, I had one thought and that was that I had to figure out some way to get home because my animals were still there and they’d be terrified if water started coming in and we weren’t there. So we found a way to get to them.
    That poor dog is probably one of the many that just get tossed in the backyard and forgotten about its entire life, with the exception of having food thrown at it on occasion. What a piece of crap excuse for a dog owner. No normal, decent person leaves a dog in the backyard to fend for itself in the middle of a flood.

  19. MeAndMyself says:

    YOU abandoned your dog.. but somehow sit and point fingers at those that have to rescue the dog you abandoned (like saying you just didn’t want him).
    I hear you got Blue back.. someone should have never given him back to you at all!
    Blue, poor fella, you deserve a family that will truly love you and treat you like you are family!!

  20. Nancy Raymond says:

    Charles Rogers is a total and complete ahole of the 1st degree. YOU expected rescuers to save Blue when you could not be bothered – too busy getting your fat ass to a shelter. You SHOULD be on your hands and knees thanking Mr. Scott and Mr. Ethridge for saving Blue instead of bitching about those who saved your dog when you just left him to drown. I do not live in Houston but know I would NEVER leave my animals – they are my responsibility and my family. So all of you calling us ‘armchair rescuers’ need to step back.

  21. Martin says:

    I’ve posted a couple of times and this really got to me. If they could take one dog they could take 2. They obviously decided to carry other things rather than their dog. With two people there’s no excuse. I’m 137lbs, and even if my dog weighted 100lbs (and this dog obviously didn’t) I’d put him over my shoulders and walk, or wait on top of the car with my dogs. NEVER would I leave them to die. My God, where do these heartless people come from? They should not get that sweet dog back. Period.

    • Cynthia Como says:

      KALENA,agreed! We a few of them on this site! They like to pop in occasionally with the soul agenda of hurting the hearts of us dog lovers! PATHETIC! They are best to be ignored !

  22. Susan Jørgensen says:


  23. Granfran says:

    Survival mode my ass Charles. Scared shitless would be more likely. Take one dog and leave the other, you should be deemed unworthy of ever having dogs again. Someone rescued your dog, so shut the hell up and be happy that there are good and humane beings on earth, unlike you and your wife.

  24. Catherine Hurst says:

    Charles Rogers and family sure had plenty of time and plenty of warning to get out. They made a conscious choice to not take blue it is no fault of anyone’s but their own and I would never ever give them this dog back shame on them. The weather stations had been tracking this hurricane for days. They knew the risk they needed to be planning


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